Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Miss Home

I called my family back in the Philippines and I learned that my brother and his family is now in our hometown visiting. I haven't seen them for years and I was only able to talk to them over the phone and on skype. My brother just came home early this month from overseas. He works as a seaman and he is now on his vacation. He told me that he may go back on board a vessel again after he took an exam this May. He will begin his review in March and he is hoping he can pass the exam to be promoted on his job.

I also talked to my Mom and I am very thankful for her recovery. She had stroke back in October and we nearly lost her. Thanks God she's very brave and she was able to pull through her condition. Although she still can't walk on her own but her speech came a long way as well as moving her arms. I have great faith that she may not be able to completely gain back her walking ability but at least she can do so using a walker. I wish to see them soon and by that time all of my siblings will be home just like the good ole days.

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