Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Take a Picture"

Our almost 4-year-old will always tell me to take a picture every time she is playing, cuddling with her little sister. I believe she got used to me saying it all the time when I get a chance to take picture of them together. Now instead of me telling her to pose, she's the one who will tell me to take a picture.

This picture on the side is one of those times that she asked me to take a picture. She was playing dress up and her sissy was just following her around crawling on the floor. I put the little one on the bed coz I changed her nappies. The older kid hopped on bed and hugged her sister the said, "take a picture Mommy", so there :-) She is cute asking me that I can't resist but obliged. One of Mommy's happiness :-) Love them to bits!

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