Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Cruise To Puerto Vallarta On A Magic Night

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy.

My fiance and I recently took a cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When our ship docked at Puerto Vallarta, we chose an additional tour and embarked on the "Ritmos de la Noche" trip.

This was an incredible journey and we felt transported to another dimension of mysticism and spirituality.

For a romantic couple like us, this journey was the best choice. We got to indulge in fabulous food, served with candlelight in front of the ocean, and only the moon as a witness. My fiance and I agree that the full-lit torches, combined with the gentle ocean breeze and the sound of the waves at the beach, are remarkable. We had the opportunity to observe people dancing around the pyramid, a majestic monument, to a spectacle of music.

The trip took about five hours, but within the first one, we were navigating through the historical town of Vallarta. This was a charming and altogether unexpected sight. The nocturnal sounds of the jungle and the beauty of the night, made that moment a memorable one, and we were lucky enough to have it.

I would recommend going on this particular voyage to anyone, but mostly to couples who want to spend some romantic time together. My boyfriend and I will repeat this adventure in the near future; possibly on our honey moon. We will take another cruise as soon as we will share our new home, but until then we set our security alarm (ALARM SYSTEMS pricing) and go bowling.

Spring Time

As we all know that spring season started this past Sunday but weather-wise it still feels like winter. The forecast always say few showers during the course of the day and it's the wind that is blowing chilly to the bones. Today our weather is cold in the morning but the afternoon high will be 58 degrees. This is the best we can get as of yet. I know eventually we will get the pretty temperature that jackets and coats will not be needed anymore.

One thing though that I don't like during this spring season is the pollen. It gets too much and can give me some stuffy nose. I hope our two little girls will not be affected by it. I remember last spring DD1 got a little allergy but it was manageable. I am not sure about DD2 since this will be her first spring that she is a little grown and will enjoy the outdoors.

As to my preparation, I started my spring cleaning on Saturday. I started cleaning the kids bedroom. I upside down and downside up. Every nook and cranny was cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Thrown tiny toys, especially those that came from happy meals. We just accumulated tons of those that it needed to go. Good thing DD1 did not complain and she even helped in sorting out what to toss and what to keep. I repositioned some furniture to make room for their other toys and to have extra space to roam around. Now my big challenge is to finish cleaning the rest of the rooms as well as the kitchen. Although hubby said he will handle the bathroom and kitchen.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to House Hunting

We are back on house hunting again. Although we are not yet doing the paperworks we just want to check out houses and compared prices and areas. We are now planning to hopefully have our own place once everything goes well. One area we went to was a newly established subdivision. The houses were currently built and some are still under construction. The developer representative that assisted us told us about upgrades. I asked about the kitchen, not just the appliances but also the sink. I like the Franke sinks that I saw online and asked them if I can have that kind of sink. They said they could probably do it but she has to verify the developer first. I am hoping that they would coz I really like the shape of the sink, as pictured below.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hit and Run

There are some people that are just rude on the road. My friend and her family was driving around town last month and somebody rear ended them. Good thing it was only minor accident and nothing happened to them. They're trying to pull over to the parking lot near the street were the accident happened. They thought the other vehicle that rear ended them will follow them to park and settle, but to their amazement they took off. She said they were so trusting that the other party will settle with them that they did not get the license plate of the other vehicle when it happened. They were thinking to get it once they pulled over but the other vehicle was nowhere to be found. It was a case of hit and run. I think the other party don't have insurance and got scared.

The same happened to a friend that lives in Arizona. Good thing for them was that the other party did not run away. They were able to get a good lawyer tucson to assist them with the legal issues and everything went well with them. Unfortunately for my friend here they paid the damage out of their own pocket. I can't imagine how some people don't have the heart and just took off even if they caused damage. They have no conscience at all.

Step Stool in the Kitchen

Ever since we moved here in our apartment more than 3 years ago I have been asking my husband to buy step stools. I need one for our kitchen and one that I can use in the bedroom. I am petite and reaching out to the top of the cupboards and closet shelves is a hassle for me. Right now I am using a not so sturdy stool but is kinda shorter so the uppermost shelves I still cannot reach. I keep reminding my husband whenever he go out to the store but he kept procrastinating. His reason is we have no place to store it. If we will just let it out in the open, our toddler and crawler will climb up on it. It's a safety hazard in our place. I can't wait to have a bigger place and have storage for everything so I can get the step stool that I really need in our house.
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