Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hit and Run

There are some people that are just rude on the road. My friend and her family was driving around town last month and somebody rear ended them. Good thing it was only minor accident and nothing happened to them. They're trying to pull over to the parking lot near the street were the accident happened. They thought the other vehicle that rear ended them will follow them to park and settle, but to their amazement they took off. She said they were so trusting that the other party will settle with them that they did not get the license plate of the other vehicle when it happened. They were thinking to get it once they pulled over but the other vehicle was nowhere to be found. It was a case of hit and run. I think the other party don't have insurance and got scared.

The same happened to a friend that lives in Arizona. Good thing for them was that the other party did not run away. They were able to get a good lawyer tucson to assist them with the legal issues and everything went well with them. Unfortunately for my friend here they paid the damage out of their own pocket. I can't imagine how some people don't have the heart and just took off even if they caused damage. They have no conscience at all.

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