Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Time

As we all know that spring season started this past Sunday but weather-wise it still feels like winter. The forecast always say few showers during the course of the day and it's the wind that is blowing chilly to the bones. Today our weather is cold in the morning but the afternoon high will be 58 degrees. This is the best we can get as of yet. I know eventually we will get the pretty temperature that jackets and coats will not be needed anymore.

One thing though that I don't like during this spring season is the pollen. It gets too much and can give me some stuffy nose. I hope our two little girls will not be affected by it. I remember last spring DD1 got a little allergy but it was manageable. I am not sure about DD2 since this will be her first spring that she is a little grown and will enjoy the outdoors.

As to my preparation, I started my spring cleaning on Saturday. I started cleaning the kids bedroom. I upside down and downside up. Every nook and cranny was cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Thrown tiny toys, especially those that came from happy meals. We just accumulated tons of those that it needed to go. Good thing DD1 did not complain and she even helped in sorting out what to toss and what to keep. I repositioned some furniture to make room for their other toys and to have extra space to roam around. Now my big challenge is to finish cleaning the rest of the rooms as well as the kitchen. Although hubby said he will handle the bathroom and kitchen.

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