Saturday, March 5, 2011

Step Stool in the Kitchen

Ever since we moved here in our apartment more than 3 years ago I have been asking my husband to buy step stools. I need one for our kitchen and one that I can use in the bedroom. I am petite and reaching out to the top of the cupboards and closet shelves is a hassle for me. Right now I am using a not so sturdy stool but is kinda shorter so the uppermost shelves I still cannot reach. I keep reminding my husband whenever he go out to the store but he kept procrastinating. His reason is we have no place to store it. If we will just let it out in the open, our toddler and crawler will climb up on it. It's a safety hazard in our place. I can't wait to have a bigger place and have storage for everything so I can get the step stool that I really need in our house.

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