Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Business Equipment

One thing that really is a very nice invention that helps in the business is a usb barcode scanner. This makes checking in and out process faster. Most of the paperwork or cards now are scan-able. There are different scanner also for different processing. It cuts time in entering codes manually in the registers or computers.

When I work in retail I used scanners when checking out customers, receiving shipments, and we can even check out number of inventories of merchandise in the whole store or even the other store sites. Sometimes it can be intimidating to use but you can easily learn from it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's day is approaching. It is that time again to honor the mothers and give them appreciation for all the things that they have done to their children and family as a whole. I am looking for some gift ideas to give to my Mom as well as the closest mothers that I know. I know flowers will always be present. Moms, like me, love to receive flowers all the time, with or without occasion.

If you are living in Kansas and in need of a quality service flower shop, you can check out Kansas City florists. My husband love to send me flowers. He always surprise me. He likes going online and order a nice bouquet. It is a great feeling to be loved and to feel special. He said he don't know yet what to give to me and I whatever he will give I do really appreciate it very much.

I Got Lost

Okay, this just happened this afternoon. Today was our preschooler's field trip to a farm. The meet up time at the said farm will be 1pm. We were given printed directions to be used and since I am the one driving I tried to at least familiarize the route. Usually I will ask hubby to drive me to a certain location before driving there by myself, but I totally forgot about it during the weekend.

So anyways, I drove this afternoon going to the place but I got lost. I already turned through the right road but I made a u-turn because I was thinking most of the farms are on the other side. Then I realized that I have to go right. I already drove far and when I turned around the rain was pouring so hard and it was kind of difficult to drive. I decided to just go home. Our daughter was crying because she can't go to the farm. I just told her that her Daddy will find the barn later.

When hubby came home we drove to the farm. It was kind of far and I was right all along on my first turn. If only I did not made a u-turn and followed the direction I would have been able to bring my daughter to her field trip. I really felt bad for her. Her excitement was cut short because I got lost.

Warm Weather Coming Up

We are now in spring but we still experience winter-like weather. Some parts of the country were battered with storms and tornadoes and even snowing in some part. Last Friday and Saturday we had a great weather but Sunday came and until today it has been raining off and on with few sunbreaks. I thought I can already bring out womens sandals but I guess I have to wait until summer is here. It's a bummer but what can we do, it's mother nature.

I am very much positive that we will see some warm weather coming up soon. We have a nice forecast for this weekend and hubby is already planning to fire up the grill. We also have some party invitation for this weekend. It will be a costume birthday party and I am pretty sure our soon-to-be 4-year-old will love to go. Just crossing my fingers for a true to the forecast weather this coming weekend.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Body Building

Before I was very ignorant on how those who are body building enthusiast get to have their muscles big. I thought exercise and always at the gym is enough. I learned that is not all, they have to take some supplements and some look for the best testosterone boosters just so they can get the best result. This is very amazing to me knowing how they work to build their muscles. I will not do it for myself but I know to those who are really into it it's a big deal. I have a friend that hope to become a body builder and he is now working his way to get the body he wanted. This boils down to what is your passion and what you do to achieve it. I will advise my friend to choose the best booster if ever he will opt for using it.
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