Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Got Lost

Okay, this just happened this afternoon. Today was our preschooler's field trip to a farm. The meet up time at the said farm will be 1pm. We were given printed directions to be used and since I am the one driving I tried to at least familiarize the route. Usually I will ask hubby to drive me to a certain location before driving there by myself, but I totally forgot about it during the weekend.

So anyways, I drove this afternoon going to the place but I got lost. I already turned through the right road but I made a u-turn because I was thinking most of the farms are on the other side. Then I realized that I have to go right. I already drove far and when I turned around the rain was pouring so hard and it was kind of difficult to drive. I decided to just go home. Our daughter was crying because she can't go to the farm. I just told her that her Daddy will find the barn later.

When hubby came home we drove to the farm. It was kind of far and I was right all along on my first turn. If only I did not made a u-turn and followed the direction I would have been able to bring my daughter to her field trip. I really felt bad for her. Her excitement was cut short because I got lost.

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