Sunday, May 29, 2011

Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is somewhat hard to achieve, but if you have the determination and drive it is not impossible. I would say I am living a healthy life since I don't have vices, I have beautiful family, no personal medical issues, and I am contented with what we have. But I believe this doesn't constitute all to have a healthy life. Or I would say being healthy is also relative. It depends on a person's perception.

With me, I consider having a healthy life as being balanced in all aspects in life; emotionally, financially, physically, and so forth. For everything to be balanced, one needs to accept the reality and willing to straighten up whatever inconsistencies and inadequacies in life then work it on one's advantage.

I told myself that if I want to live a healthy life I need to start by keeping myself healthy physically. There are times that I slack off in eating a balanced diet and my weight fluctuate but I am pretty sure my BMI is within the normal limits. Even though I said before that I may need help from diet pills and checking if these pills have the best creatine powders but if I will continue to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly then I will be good.

In my earlier post I said about joining the 5K run in summer. This is one of my short term personal goals for now. I still have other goals to complete and hope to achieve and by sharing it here in my post I will be held accountable and give me the pressure to achieve it in time. This goals also will be part of me to live a healthy life for myself and family.

Counting the Days

We are now counting the days for us to move to our own place. We are looking at two months from now but I know the days are rolling on by so quickly. We are also trying to plan for things we need to furnish the place. We already had few stuff since we bought stuff little by little so when we move we already have most of the ones we immediately need.

I am s excited because we will have a backyard that the kids can play. Hubby also planned of having a small shed to store lawn and garden tools. I am also looking at having a redmax leaf blowers. This will be very helpful since fall will be around the corner when we move in.

Thinking about slowly fulfilling our dreams is really amazing. I am always praying that everything will go through smoothly and that our plans will come to its fruition. We can't do it if we did not remain faithful to our great Provider, Christ Jesus. I know it will be a start of our life having our dreams fulfilled and we pray and hope to continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Online Education

I am very glad that online education is present nowadays. It is very convenient and flexible for your time especially if you have kids and work outside home. When I was in the Philippines I went to college full time and on campus. I lived in a dormitory for girls and I only concentrate on my studies. I kind of wish online education is already present then so I can go out to work as well as take classes. When I got here in the US and my husband asked me if I want to enroll I told him I will work instead. Then he said I still can work and take classes online if I want to. So there I was introduced to online education. Right now I am taking medical transcription online. I was thinking of getting bsn online but I know when it comes to clinical I have to go to hospital or have a campus class. Maybe when the kids are already older then I will pursue the nursing degree. Finishing a bsn online will really give me the flexibility with respect to taking care of the kids and work. But I will see once the kids are bigger and I can find a good baby sitter.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cutting Up on Phone Bills

Okay, we are with our mobile phone provider for like forever and we are paying too much that I told my husband it is time for us to switch to something better. We need to save because we are now in the process of having our own place and I don't want us to pay too much of utilities when we can have a way of paying less. One thing I am also concerned is that there are still areas, especially if we are traveling, that we can't get good signal.

With this in mind, I am now trying to scout for cheaper mobile phone service but will give a good service. I even told him that we can just use our cellphones and cut off the home phone. There are services that we can get like home cellular booster that will amplify signal at home and use our mobile phones for all our transactions. My friends starting to cut up on their phone expenses as well. I am trying to talk my husband into it and I hope he will see the big picture of what I am trying to achieve.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

Another year and another celebration for all the Moms in the world. This year will be my 4th year of being a Mom. I cannot emphasize enough how important this day to me and it's significance to my life. I delivered our first born on mother's day 4 years ago. It was the most happiest and bless-ful day of our life. Now I have two little girls and motherhood is still awesome. Love my girls and I am so grateful to God for giving me our two angels. Being their Mom is a privilege and I am doing my best to be the best mother to them.

I wish for this mother day I am beside my Mom. I so really wanted to tell her in person how much I appreciate her great love to us, her kids. I can now understand their way of nurturing and caring to us their children because I have my own kids too. If you are a mother you will do everything in your power to take care of them. I am now scouting online if I can send mothers day flowers delivered on sunday to my Mom overseas. I know she will love it since she likes flowers a lot.

I miss my Mom very much. The last time I saw her was in 2009 when we went home for a visit. Last year she suffered a fatal stroke that almost took her life, but for God be the glory, she can now walk with the aid of a cane. I just wish her now a very healthy life and more years so she can see all her grandkids. I love you Mama and Happy Mother's day to you!

Taking Supplements

When I was pregnant I had my appointment with the nutritionist because I need some sort of supplement in order to get healthy while in pregnancy. I was told to get more fiber and some minerals and also take the prenatal vitamin. I am really bad in taking medications. As much as possible I don't like to take medicine but since I needed to I was forced. Sometimes I forgot so I had my cellphone alarm clock set.

On the other note, I sometimes can't understand why some people become so dependent on prescription to the extent of doing something bad just to get what they want. This is sad since lives have been lost and families torn because of this.

But as I have said, if you need to take medications and there is nothing you can do not to take it, it should be prescribed by the doctor. If you are told to take some supplements to correct some medical condition then you need to but make sure not to overdose and end up yourself hook into it. I have a friend that in her middle age she thought of taking human growth hormone supplements. I asked her why and she said because it helps to boost her energy. I am not really familiar with this hormone supplement but if her physician allows her to take it and it is necessary, then she can go for it. She just have to make sure that what she is taking is really effective.

Advance Loans

One thing I learned here is to develop our personal credit history. Once you have it and your numbers are high, you will likely get a lot of offers from different financial institutions. It is also important when you look for a job since most employers will verify your credit history as well. I did not get a credit card until my third year of being here in the US.

I was told that many people here are buried in consumer debts. When the economy fell back some 2 years ago foreclosure and housing market really took a dip. And if not for small pay day loans like the check city payday advance loans, a lot can't get through with their finances. But still with this one should really make a careful decision of using. Yes it can help but also if you are not watchful it can bury you deep down with debt as well.

Me and my husband used advance loans before and good thing we know how to balance our finances that once we got the loan we can easily pay it off. It can really help during emergencies and unexpected bills and expenses.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Flower

This month will be another busy month for us. Two in the family will be celebrating birthdays and then there's Mother's day this coming weekend. I am very excited for all the celebrations but I know it will be another exhausting day for me since I will be the one to plan and host it. On the 13th will be our oldest daughter's and on the 19th will be mine.

For my daughter's birthday we are planning of going to play and celebrate venue and for mine it will just be a small family and few friends affair. I am not sure what my husband is concocting for Mother's day. To add to these, we have lots of invitations as well for birthday parties. On the 8th my friend invited us for her daughter's birthday party and on the 21st I will be witnessing for a friend's daughter's baptism. Surely this will be a very busy month for me.
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