Sunday, May 29, 2011

Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is somewhat hard to achieve, but if you have the determination and drive it is not impossible. I would say I am living a healthy life since I don't have vices, I have beautiful family, no personal medical issues, and I am contented with what we have. But I believe this doesn't constitute all to have a healthy life. Or I would say being healthy is also relative. It depends on a person's perception.

With me, I consider having a healthy life as being balanced in all aspects in life; emotionally, financially, physically, and so forth. For everything to be balanced, one needs to accept the reality and willing to straighten up whatever inconsistencies and inadequacies in life then work it on one's advantage.

I told myself that if I want to live a healthy life I need to start by keeping myself healthy physically. There are times that I slack off in eating a balanced diet and my weight fluctuate but I am pretty sure my BMI is within the normal limits. Even though I said before that I may need help from diet pills and checking if these pills have the best creatine powders but if I will continue to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly then I will be good.

In my earlier post I said about joining the 5K run in summer. This is one of my short term personal goals for now. I still have other goals to complete and hope to achieve and by sharing it here in my post I will be held accountable and give me the pressure to achieve it in time. This goals also will be part of me to live a healthy life for myself and family.

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