Saturday, May 21, 2011

Online Education

I am very glad that online education is present nowadays. It is very convenient and flexible for your time especially if you have kids and work outside home. When I was in the Philippines I went to college full time and on campus. I lived in a dormitory for girls and I only concentrate on my studies. I kind of wish online education is already present then so I can go out to work as well as take classes. When I got here in the US and my husband asked me if I want to enroll I told him I will work instead. Then he said I still can work and take classes online if I want to. So there I was introduced to online education. Right now I am taking medical transcription online. I was thinking of getting bsn online but I know when it comes to clinical I have to go to hospital or have a campus class. Maybe when the kids are already older then I will pursue the nursing degree. Finishing a bsn online will really give me the flexibility with respect to taking care of the kids and work. But I will see once the kids are bigger and I can find a good baby sitter.

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Kris said...

I decided to get my <a href="”>RN to BSN</a> online and am happy that I did. The online courses work very well with my busy schedule.

Get GED Online said...

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