Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taking Supplements

When I was pregnant I had my appointment with the nutritionist because I need some sort of supplement in order to get healthy while in pregnancy. I was told to get more fiber and some minerals and also take the prenatal vitamin. I am really bad in taking medications. As much as possible I don't like to take medicine but since I needed to I was forced. Sometimes I forgot so I had my cellphone alarm clock set.

On the other note, I sometimes can't understand why some people become so dependent on prescription to the extent of doing something bad just to get what they want. This is sad since lives have been lost and families torn because of this.

But as I have said, if you need to take medications and there is nothing you can do not to take it, it should be prescribed by the doctor. If you are told to take some supplements to correct some medical condition then you need to but make sure not to overdose and end up yourself hook into it. I have a friend that in her middle age she thought of taking human growth hormone supplements. I asked her why and she said because it helps to boost her energy. I am not really familiar with this hormone supplement but if her physician allows her to take it and it is necessary, then she can go for it. She just have to make sure that what she is taking is really effective.

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