Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Big Move

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes.

Texas is a big state, so when I met a guy who lived in Dallas (I live in Houston) it was tough at first. We did the long distance thing for a while and went back and forth all the time but that became just too much, so eventually we knew one of us was going to have to move. I decided that since his job was more stable, I would quit mine and move to Dallas to be with him. Dave and I have lived together now for about three months and honestly, it couldn’t be going better. He’s just an amazing guy and I’m so glad we found each other but boy, did his house need some work! I painted the walls and fixed up the curtains and even lowered our electric rates by shopping around on (he can thank me for that one later). I know that we’re meant to be and I’m honestly so glad I made the jump to be out here with him!

Moving Out

I feel so anxious right now for all the going ons here. I want to know if we can close tomorrow or not or if we can start to move out our things this weekend. I hate the waiting part but my husband always tells me not to stress out on it. I am not really stressed out but just anxious for all these to be done and then continue on with our lives in a more settled way.

Almost every weekend since we know that we are going to close this month we visited appliances and furniture stores. We have so much in our wish list that we are hoping to get one at a time. We decided to make priority list and make sure we do not jump to every stuff we saw that we think we need. Both me and my husband like to have home entertainment because we have two small kids and going out, like watching movies, is not possible this time. So we thought of upgrading our home entertainment system once we move to our new place.

The home entertainment system we thought of getting is the one where we can save money most. Not very expensive and so high-tech. We have the list already and we just need a little bigger television to fit the room and we already have the component video cables. We have the DVD player so I think we will be good to go with it. Another big appliances that we need is the washer and dryer. We already found the lowest price in town. We went to a lot of stores but we found one at a locally- owned appliance store.

This coming week will be a busy week for us. Our lease will end at the end of this month and in July we will be in our new place, with God's grace. I am crossing my fingers here and praying to God that everything will go through without any hitch.

School Update

I am so behind with finishing my program. I have been doing trying my best to at least catch up but life always gets in the way. If not the kids have health issues it is about our day to day activity here. I would say also that I don't have a routine and schedule that I can really stick in to. My instructor helped me with creating the schedule but I wasn't able to follow it diligently. The house hunting and the process of becoming a homeowner really superimposed on the rest of my activity.

One thing I can say though that when it comes to reading I am up to date with it but the practice dictations dragged me to slowness. Right now I am way behind with the PDs. I was thinking there were only 20 PDs but when I checked on it again, there are 25 I need to finish for this session. I am hoping I will be able to finish it before we move out here.

One trivia that I learned about my readings though was about turning bad testosterone into a good one. I didn't know it can be done. I read and searched more on it and found out that testoripped, a supplement I believe, can do the work. Maybe some body builder are using this stuff. I really like it when I learn something new from my medical readings. I also love the textbook that we have because it give us a lot of information. This is why even if I read too many pages per chapter I still look forward to the knowledge I will gain from it. This being said, I need to finish my PDs now and on to next session's readings.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Property Walk Through

I would say that we are doing great and smooth with this property now. Yesterday the inspection was done and today we had a walk through with the builders and we were given a homeowners manual. Everything went well and since it is a new construction there is not much of issues. There were few touch ups as to painting to be done and recheck on the fireplace inside the bedroom that hopefully will be fixed soon.

As to our closing date, we are projecting this coming week. We are waiting for the appraisal from VA and then our lender will schedule the closing date. She promised to have us on the week of the 20th so we have enough time to move out our stuff from the apartment.

One thing I am looking forward to do is to establish a working home organization. We have enough space to put our stuff in the new place. It is a matter of having a functional storage so all of it will not be cluttered. I asked my husband to have a document management system that will store all the documents we have; personal and work related. For outdoor stuff we are thinking of having a small shed so the garage will not be packed. This process is really getting me anxious and I just pray all will be well in the end. I know the wait will be worth it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Insurance for Kids

Yesterday we spent half of the afternoon at the pool here in our complex with some of my friends. The kids enjoyed the water and we had fun chatting as well. One of the things that we talked about was life insurance for the kids. My friend said they purchased life insurance for their kids. I was thinking it will be some kind of a grow up plan that they can use once they are old enough. I saw one as advertised on television about a grow up plan that the kids can borrow.

It is a great idea to secure our kids future. Me and my husband will only start to establish college fund for them. But I believe we also need to look into insurance as well. We may be able to start it when we can move in our own place. Right now we are tightening our belt for the closing. Once everything is in place then we can start to plan financially for the kids funds.

Disappointing News

When you thought that everything is going smooth then it came out as a frustration and disappointment. Well, we were in the process of having our first place. We are already under contract but the builders take too long to start building the house. Are you kidding me? We signed the contract in April and until now there's still no word when they can ground break.

What will happen now is we are going to pull out from them and start looking again, which is the frustrating part. We have a thousand earnest money and we may have to kiss it goodbye. I really hated the thought that they are not true to what they are telling us. The communication is so disconnect and we are left wondering what is going on.

Early today we went out and look at houses again. The 2nd community we went too told us that we are the 6th home buyer that came to them from the same builder we are in contract with that shared the same experience as what we have. So I guess they may have some really serious issues over there. We are hoping now that everything will go smooth and we can find the house that is fit for our family.
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