Saturday, June 4, 2011

Disappointing News

When you thought that everything is going smooth then it came out as a frustration and disappointment. Well, we were in the process of having our first place. We are already under contract but the builders take too long to start building the house. Are you kidding me? We signed the contract in April and until now there's still no word when they can ground break.

What will happen now is we are going to pull out from them and start looking again, which is the frustrating part. We have a thousand earnest money and we may have to kiss it goodbye. I really hated the thought that they are not true to what they are telling us. The communication is so disconnect and we are left wondering what is going on.

Early today we went out and look at houses again. The 2nd community we went too told us that we are the 6th home buyer that came to them from the same builder we are in contract with that shared the same experience as what we have. So I guess they may have some really serious issues over there. We are hoping now that everything will go smooth and we can find the house that is fit for our family.

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