Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moving Out

I feel so anxious right now for all the going ons here. I want to know if we can close tomorrow or not or if we can start to move out our things this weekend. I hate the waiting part but my husband always tells me not to stress out on it. I am not really stressed out but just anxious for all these to be done and then continue on with our lives in a more settled way.

Almost every weekend since we know that we are going to close this month we visited appliances and furniture stores. We have so much in our wish list that we are hoping to get one at a time. We decided to make priority list and make sure we do not jump to every stuff we saw that we think we need. Both me and my husband like to have home entertainment because we have two small kids and going out, like watching movies, is not possible this time. So we thought of upgrading our home entertainment system once we move to our new place.

The home entertainment system we thought of getting is the one where we can save money most. Not very expensive and so high-tech. We have the list already and we just need a little bigger television to fit the room and we already have the component video cables. We have the DVD player so I think we will be good to go with it. Another big appliances that we need is the washer and dryer. We already found the lowest price in town. We went to a lot of stores but we found one at a locally- owned appliance store.

This coming week will be a busy week for us. Our lease will end at the end of this month and in July we will be in our new place, with God's grace. I am crossing my fingers here and praying to God that everything will go through without any hitch.

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