Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School Update

I am so behind with finishing my program. I have been doing trying my best to at least catch up but life always gets in the way. If not the kids have health issues it is about our day to day activity here. I would say also that I don't have a routine and schedule that I can really stick in to. My instructor helped me with creating the schedule but I wasn't able to follow it diligently. The house hunting and the process of becoming a homeowner really superimposed on the rest of my activity.

One thing I can say though that when it comes to reading I am up to date with it but the practice dictations dragged me to slowness. Right now I am way behind with the PDs. I was thinking there were only 20 PDs but when I checked on it again, there are 25 I need to finish for this session. I am hoping I will be able to finish it before we move out here.

One trivia that I learned about my readings though was about turning bad testosterone into a good one. I didn't know it can be done. I read and searched more on it and found out that testoripped, a supplement I believe, can do the work. Maybe some body builder are using this stuff. I really like it when I learn something new from my medical readings. I also love the textbook that we have because it give us a lot of information. This is why even if I read too many pages per chapter I still look forward to the knowledge I will gain from it. This being said, I need to finish my PDs now and on to next session's readings.

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