Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Office

We have 4 bedrooms in our house and I am thinking of making one of the bedrooms as our home office. My concern is we will not have spare room for guests. Right now our home office is in our 2nd floor living area. We divided it into tv area and the office. Once I start working at home I need privacy since I will be dealing later on with medical records and stuff as medical transcriptionist.

One of my options is to look for computer cabinets that I can put in the bedroom so it will not take too much space and at the same time put a day bed inside there for guests to sleep in with. The cabinet can be closed when we have guests and put away all the other stuff with it. It will be a space saver. Although I still have ample time to plan on it, but for sure it is a good option in the future.

My target now is to save enough money to complete the home office that I am planning. It may take some time but I know I will be satisfied once it is finished.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cramming Mode

The end of my program will be this September. There are still 8 sessions left, and I am pretty sure I will get the extension that I needed to finish. My school only gives 6 months maximum extensions. This means that I have to work hard and be motivated to finish early.

I am glad that I am getting better and the practice dictations helped a lot. But lately my motivation is low that it make it hard for me to do school stuff daily. I am doing my best but always get distracted. To add to it my headphone stopped working on me. I needed a new and better one. One that will help me hearing minor words and cancel noises from the background. I am working with the kids around. They are watching their show or playing around while I do my PDs so a noise cancelling one is necessary.

I hope I will find the motivation to work hard more. I need to finish this and have a job soon so I can help with our expenses here. We now have mortgage and I want to help build our finances not only for our daily expense but also for our future. With this, I think I have to double time on school stuff and catch up. So help me God!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blackberry Person

My cellphone right now is a blackberry. I got this almost two years ago. My husband's cellphone when I got my blackberry is a simple one that he can only use to text and call. He said he don't need a fancy one. With my coaxing, he agreed to switched to blackberry.

Now he is glad he did. He like the features on blackberry and also downloaded applications that he always uses. I asked him if he want a touch phone like iphone but he said he likes his phone better.

So now I am thinking if he will like the new black berry play book. He uses the computer a lot and maybe getting him this for his birthday is a good idea. I need to check its review first though if it is really functional. I gave him an ipod and he likes it, so maybe this will be another gadget that he will like too since he likes his blackberry.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Saying :Til We Meet Again" to a Friend

Tomorrow I will be hosting dinner for our friends who will be moving to Germany. Her husband is stationed there and they will be going there to join him on Sunday. Last night my husband asked me if I will be sad. Of course I will be. She is the one I talked to every single day. She helped me a lot when I was pregnant and our husbands were deployed. She took me to the hospital when I gave birth and brought us home after. She is like a sister to me here and one that I can say a very good friend.

I was thinking of giving her a customized gift like the "worlds greatest" mugs I saw online and have the pictures of our kids on it, but I don't have time anymore. I didn't thought of it then. It would have been something they can bring to Germany and remind of our friendship. Since I haven't ordered it yet, I need to get something for her and for the kids tomorrow. I will still order one though. I will take pictures of the kids together tomorrow before dinner and then order the mug. Once I get it I will send it to them to their new address. I will be getting the worlds greatest mug for the world's greatest friend whom I don't know if we'll see ever again.

Driving Safely

Last month my friend attended a birthday party with her twin boys. The host of the party is also our friend. They have a big lawn since they live in a somewhat countryside and they have ATVs. One of the twin boys rode in one and had an accident. I was told that the ATV Tires came off as they rode downhill. Good thing it did not hurt the boy that much. He had bruises on his face and fortunately did not break his nose. One lesson learned I guess is always use a helmet and make sure the vehicle is good to go.

I have been driving for about 6 years now and one thing that I always pray everyday and when I am on the road is to be safe. I drive defensively and always on the look out around my surroundings. If I am not in a hurry I always stay in the safe lane. I don't care if all the cars will pass me by as long as I am safe and driving within the speed limit. I go to my appointments early so I will not be in a hurry when on the road. If it is my first time driving by on a certain road, I make sure to familiarize the road map; where to turn, familiar landmarks, and so on.

It is not really difficult to drive here in the US since road signs will direct you where to go. Drivers here too are well aware of the laws and traffic rules and police are not playing once you are caught. Despite those, you can encounter a lot of impatient drivers all the time. They know the speed limit and sometimes the traffic is already red but still they speed through. This is mostly why accidents happen along with driving under the influence. You can't really tell what will happen but if you drive safely and defensively then you are good.

Settled In

I would say right now we are settled-in in our new place. The feeling is very different knowing that the place you live in is your own and you can do anything without fear of being evicted. We are still in the process of adjusting to the routines. My husband said that one thing he is trying to get used to is throwing of our garbage everyday. When we were still in the apartment almost every morning when he goes to work he will throw our trash to the compactor. If you are in the house you have to wait once a week for the trash to be picked up.

When it comes to our furniture, we already arranged it accordingly. We have 2 more furniture sets in our wish list that we are still waiting to have. I told hubby to wait buying it since we don't really need it immediately. Having your own house can really make you want to get everything. Buy decors, furniture, and etc. I don't want to do it impulsively. I want to make sure that we will not be in debt as we have to pay mortgage monthly.

In totality, I love it that we are now settled in our own place. Decorating will come and I will do it one step at a time. As long as all that we need for now is met then I don't have any complaints. We already invited few friends last July 4 in our new place and so glad everyone enjoyed. This Saturday I will be hosting dinner for few of my friends. One friend and her family will be leaving on Sunday to Germany. Her husband is being stationed there. It will be a sad dinner not only for us but also to our kids.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Right Headphone

I am currently enrolled taking medical transcription program online. In order to become more successful and understand more the dictations is for you to have a good headphone. Right now my headphone is okay, but I am still having problem hearing the exact words the doctors are dictating. I am looking for a good one and most of my colleagues suggesting a pricey one. I can't afford to get a pricier headphone.

I have been trying to look up online for different headphones but so far I don't have any luck. I asked my husband to search online as well since he is also comparing the top 10 subwoofer speakers. He is planning to set up the media room and he wanted to get a good speaker. I hope I will be able to find the right headphone to use so I will not have this not-hearing-the-right-word problem again.
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