Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blackberry Person

My cellphone right now is a blackberry. I got this almost two years ago. My husband's cellphone when I got my blackberry is a simple one that he can only use to text and call. He said he don't need a fancy one. With my coaxing, he agreed to switched to blackberry.

Now he is glad he did. He like the features on blackberry and also downloaded applications that he always uses. I asked him if he want a touch phone like iphone but he said he likes his phone better.

So now I am thinking if he will like the new black berry play book. He uses the computer a lot and maybe getting him this for his birthday is a good idea. I need to check its review first though if it is really functional. I gave him an ipod and he likes it, so maybe this will be another gadget that he will like too since he likes his blackberry.

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