Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cramming Mode

The end of my program will be this September. There are still 8 sessions left, and I am pretty sure I will get the extension that I needed to finish. My school only gives 6 months maximum extensions. This means that I have to work hard and be motivated to finish early.

I am glad that I am getting better and the practice dictations helped a lot. But lately my motivation is low that it make it hard for me to do school stuff daily. I am doing my best but always get distracted. To add to it my headphone stopped working on me. I needed a new and better one. One that will help me hearing minor words and cancel noises from the background. I am working with the kids around. They are watching their show or playing around while I do my PDs so a noise cancelling one is necessary.

I hope I will find the motivation to work hard more. I need to finish this and have a job soon so I can help with our expenses here. We now have mortgage and I want to help build our finances not only for our daily expense but also for our future. With this, I think I have to double time on school stuff and catch up. So help me God!

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