Friday, July 8, 2011

Driving Safely

Last month my friend attended a birthday party with her twin boys. The host of the party is also our friend. They have a big lawn since they live in a somewhat countryside and they have ATVs. One of the twin boys rode in one and had an accident. I was told that the ATV Tires came off as they rode downhill. Good thing it did not hurt the boy that much. He had bruises on his face and fortunately did not break his nose. One lesson learned I guess is always use a helmet and make sure the vehicle is good to go.

I have been driving for about 6 years now and one thing that I always pray everyday and when I am on the road is to be safe. I drive defensively and always on the look out around my surroundings. If I am not in a hurry I always stay in the safe lane. I don't care if all the cars will pass me by as long as I am safe and driving within the speed limit. I go to my appointments early so I will not be in a hurry when on the road. If it is my first time driving by on a certain road, I make sure to familiarize the road map; where to turn, familiar landmarks, and so on.

It is not really difficult to drive here in the US since road signs will direct you where to go. Drivers here too are well aware of the laws and traffic rules and police are not playing once you are caught. Despite those, you can encounter a lot of impatient drivers all the time. They know the speed limit and sometimes the traffic is already red but still they speed through. This is mostly why accidents happen along with driving under the influence. You can't really tell what will happen but if you drive safely and defensively then you are good.

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