Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Office

We have 4 bedrooms in our house and I am thinking of making one of the bedrooms as our home office. My concern is we will not have spare room for guests. Right now our home office is in our 2nd floor living area. We divided it into tv area and the office. Once I start working at home I need privacy since I will be dealing later on with medical records and stuff as medical transcriptionist.

One of my options is to look for computer cabinets that I can put in the bedroom so it will not take too much space and at the same time put a day bed inside there for guests to sleep in with. The cabinet can be closed when we have guests and put away all the other stuff with it. It will be a space saver. Although I still have ample time to plan on it, but for sure it is a good option in the future.

My target now is to save enough money to complete the home office that I am planning. It may take some time but I know I will be satisfied once it is finished.

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