Friday, July 8, 2011

Saying :Til We Meet Again" to a Friend

Tomorrow I will be hosting dinner for our friends who will be moving to Germany. Her husband is stationed there and they will be going there to join him on Sunday. Last night my husband asked me if I will be sad. Of course I will be. She is the one I talked to every single day. She helped me a lot when I was pregnant and our husbands were deployed. She took me to the hospital when I gave birth and brought us home after. She is like a sister to me here and one that I can say a very good friend.

I was thinking of giving her a customized gift like the "worlds greatest" mugs I saw online and have the pictures of our kids on it, but I don't have time anymore. I didn't thought of it then. It would have been something they can bring to Germany and remind of our friendship. Since I haven't ordered it yet, I need to get something for her and for the kids tomorrow. I will still order one though. I will take pictures of the kids together tomorrow before dinner and then order the mug. Once I get it I will send it to them to their new address. I will be getting the worlds greatest mug for the world's greatest friend whom I don't know if we'll see ever again.

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