Friday, July 8, 2011

Settled In

I would say right now we are settled-in in our new place. The feeling is very different knowing that the place you live in is your own and you can do anything without fear of being evicted. We are still in the process of adjusting to the routines. My husband said that one thing he is trying to get used to is throwing of our garbage everyday. When we were still in the apartment almost every morning when he goes to work he will throw our trash to the compactor. If you are in the house you have to wait once a week for the trash to be picked up.

When it comes to our furniture, we already arranged it accordingly. We have 2 more furniture sets in our wish list that we are still waiting to have. I told hubby to wait buying it since we don't really need it immediately. Having your own house can really make you want to get everything. Buy decors, furniture, and etc. I don't want to do it impulsively. I want to make sure that we will not be in debt as we have to pay mortgage monthly.

In totality, I love it that we are now settled in our own place. Decorating will come and I will do it one step at a time. As long as all that we need for now is met then I don't have any complaints. We already invited few friends last July 4 in our new place and so glad everyone enjoyed. This Saturday I will be hosting dinner for few of my friends. One friend and her family will be leaving on Sunday to Germany. Her husband is being stationed there. It will be a sad dinner not only for us but also to our kids.

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