Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where I Met My Husband

I have been open about where I met my husband here in my blog. I myself cannot believe that everything worked out well for us after almost 9 years since we met online. Yeah, 9 years all together but we were married for almost 7 years. I met him online and I met him in person in UK. We found out that we have a lot in common and we wanted to be married to each other. The rest history. We now have two beautiful daughters together and I can't ask for anything more.

A lot of my friends back home asked me about how our relationship went while we were dating online. I told them it was something special and we put a lot of trust and faith in what we have. We told each other that if we are meant to be then there will be a way for us to be together. I do believe that God made a way and that we ended in each other's arms.

There are lots of dating sites online like the free online dating at that caters to those who wanted to look for their match. My advise is to really make sure you are joining a credible site and will not scam you. You have to sign up for this sites and you will give out personal information so caution must be observed. There is nothing wrong of looking for love online as long as you know what you are going into. I am a testament of a love that blossomed from an online dating.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Our DD1 along with her older sister is attending vacation bible school at our church. Two weeks ago she attended a vacation bible school that her school's church was hosting. She had a grand time while in VBS but unfortunately wasn't able to finish it until the last day because she got sick. This time I am hoping both of them can finish until the end. This is only a 5-day VBS so I know they will have a blast as well.

The VBS started at 6pm-8pm. By the time they are finish it is almost about bedtime for our 4-year-old. The first night, on the 22nd, she was kinda tired but she said she had a good time. The last day will be a talent show and I hope she will enjoy watching different talents that will be showcased.

I can't wait for DD2 to be 4-year-old and can go with her older sisters for programs like this. I brought her to church on their first day and she was also participating with the dancing. Both me and my husband went with them on the first night and we are very glad that the kids are excited to attend VBS.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Care of Pets

The other day my husband was telling we are not yet ready to have a pet because we are both busy. He is working and I am taking care of the household and the kids plus I also have my school work to do. Aside from that, I know that you also need to be financially prepared for taking the responsibility as a pet owner. I think I will just wait until our little one will be older and then decide on getting a pet. Both my kids love to have one. They are not scared to pet dogs or cats so I am pretty sure when we have one later on they will be good to them.

Even we don't have pet yet I am already reading information about owning a pet. How to take care of them and what are the things needed for them. I have lots of friends that own pets and one common thing they told me is to prevent mange that will affect your pet. I am reading information about it and this is a terrible thing to happen to your pets. It will make them suffer from pain. I hope when we have one later on it will not go through this illness. I just knew about this through my readings and hopefully I will gather more information about owning a pet that will make us a responsible owner in the future.

Not a Tech Savvy

The other day I had the test of my being a not so tech savvy. Our internet connection stopped working. I tried troubleshooting it. Followed the instruction to reboot, reset the modem, router and check the computer network cable that my husband set up, but nothing happened. I called my husband and he walked me through on what to do, still to no avail. So I gave up and just waited for him to come home so he can fix it.

I went to cook spaghetti since I can't get to work online. When my husband arrived he told me he tried calling our home phone but I did not hear it ringing. When I checked it I found out there was no dial tone. Our internet connection and home phone are not working. He called out provider and our connection was reset. I think because I did not think right away that it may be the network was down that is why internet wasn't working. If only I am a tech savvy then I could have thought of it and called our provider by myself. Oh well, now I know what to look into once our connection act up again.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Humble Abode

I am still rejoicing and very thankful to God that He continues to shower us with His blessings. I still can't get over that now we are living in our own place. I can go to sleep at night with a smile and my heart brimming with hope for my kids. I wish and pray that we can support them and continue to give them a roof on their heads, food to eat, clothing and most of all a family that shares the love and understanding for each of us.

This is our humble abode, our first place. The first place that we will fill with love, joy and laughter. The place that I know my kids can grow with. It may not be a mansion but we are rich with thankfulness and love in our hearts.

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