Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not a Tech Savvy

The other day I had the test of my being a not so tech savvy. Our internet connection stopped working. I tried troubleshooting it. Followed the instruction to reboot, reset the modem, router and check the computer network cable that my husband set up, but nothing happened. I called my husband and he walked me through on what to do, still to no avail. So I gave up and just waited for him to come home so he can fix it.

I went to cook spaghetti since I can't get to work online. When my husband arrived he told me he tried calling our home phone but I did not hear it ringing. When I checked it I found out there was no dial tone. Our internet connection and home phone are not working. He called out provider and our connection was reset. I think because I did not think right away that it may be the network was down that is why internet wasn't working. If only I am a tech savvy then I could have thought of it and called our provider by myself. Oh well, now I know what to look into once our connection act up again.

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