Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Care of Pets

The other day my husband was telling we are not yet ready to have a pet because we are both busy. He is working and I am taking care of the household and the kids plus I also have my school work to do. Aside from that, I know that you also need to be financially prepared for taking the responsibility as a pet owner. I think I will just wait until our little one will be older and then decide on getting a pet. Both my kids love to have one. They are not scared to pet dogs or cats so I am pretty sure when we have one later on they will be good to them.

Even we don't have pet yet I am already reading information about owning a pet. How to take care of them and what are the things needed for them. I have lots of friends that own pets and one common thing they told me is to prevent mange that will affect your pet. I am reading information about it and this is a terrible thing to happen to your pets. It will make them suffer from pain. I hope when we have one later on it will not go through this illness. I just knew about this through my readings and hopefully I will gather more information about owning a pet that will make us a responsible owner in the future.

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