Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Our DD1 along with her older sister is attending vacation bible school at our church. Two weeks ago she attended a vacation bible school that her school's church was hosting. She had a grand time while in VBS but unfortunately wasn't able to finish it until the last day because she got sick. This time I am hoping both of them can finish until the end. This is only a 5-day VBS so I know they will have a blast as well.

The VBS started at 6pm-8pm. By the time they are finish it is almost about bedtime for our 4-year-old. The first night, on the 22nd, she was kinda tired but she said she had a good time. The last day will be a talent show and I hope she will enjoy watching different talents that will be showcased.

I can't wait for DD2 to be 4-year-old and can go with her older sisters for programs like this. I brought her to church on their first day and she was also participating with the dancing. Both me and my husband went with them on the first night and we are very glad that the kids are excited to attend VBS.

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