Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congrats to Miss Shamcey Supsup - 3rd Runner Up Miss Universe 2011

Last night was again another big night for the Filipino people. Miss Shamcey G. Susup brought the country pride and honor being the 3rd runner up for the coveted Miss Universe pageant. She is an epitome of a Filipina woman. If I am not mistaken, she don't have any foreign blood in her. She is a true Pinay with oozing beauty and brains. She represented the country very well. We should all be proud of what she accomplished. She put the country in the map again just like her predecessor Miss Venus Raj - 4th Runner Up Miss Universe 2010.

I read that there were lots of disgruntled Pinoys. Let us all remember that everyone has its own time. I believe that the winners are deserving and should have the respect of everyone. No bashing that sounds like sour graping. Those that expect too much in this type of competition should come out to reality. As what our contestant have said during her interview she said that being able to be in the top 10 is a miracle. All those stunning and brilliant ladies deserved to be reckon with even if they did not win. I am pretty sure that in the hearts of their respective countries, they too are winners and their Miss Universe.

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