Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Fall and Flu Season

Don't get me wrong, I love fall season because I like it when the leaves change its colors and the breeze is cooler. The only thing I dreaded for this season is when it is getting colder and raining all the time, the kids will start to catch colds and cough. Last week both of my girls started to have colds and developed to have elevated temperatures, and now the cough is very stubborn to go away. I don't like it when they feel this way. It makes me worried and I will have sleepless nights. I can't sleep when they are not feeling well.

The older sister is brave enough though. When she feels that she is sick, she will let me know, and she is very compliant if I tell her to take her meds or go take some rest. The little one is a different story, since she is the baby she whines and I have to carry her all the time. So having sick babies and husband is away for a month for training is not fun at all for this mommy. Anyways, I am now glad that they started to gain back some appetite and the colds is fading. The cough, I believe will stay for this week and I am hoping they will be better this coming week.

Despite what they are feeling right now, I am glad they are still active and playing. This coming weekend, hopefully, they will enjoy seeing friends. We're invited for lunch in a friend's house and we are also going to make first birthday invitations for their little one. It will be fun for the kids to play and for the moms to bond and chit-chat too. I still can't forget preparing our DD2's 1st birthday celebration back in April. It was very exciting and fun.

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