Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Houses in Our Community

When we move here in July there are still areas or streets that don't have houses yet. In about 3 months time most of those lots have houses constructed already. I can't believe how fast this builder is constructing the houses. They have lots of workers so I think that is why they are fast. My friend whose house was the only one standing on this street was also amazed how the construction was being fast tracked. It is not just steel building but big house at that with different construction media.

I attended the first HOA meeting last month. There were some issues being brought up by different homeowners, which I think are valid. One was saying their house now have issues of bubbles on their walls and paint coming off. Another one was saying that their house was constructed during a rainy season that it was soaked wet and maybe causing some bubbles on the walls. In any case, the builder has still the responsibility of our property for the whole year since we moved in. We did have minor issues since we moved but so far the builders are attentive to what we complained to them.

I know as the time goes we will face different issues with the property and as a homeowner it is a big responsibility. That is why having a house is a great investment. Not only your responsibility to pay the mortgage but also the underlying expenses that goes along with it. This is also why one should be ready enough to embark on this big step in order not to get burned when finances are getting shaky. It is in the hands of the homeowners how to be responsible so as not to fall bad on mortgage and experience the housing problem nowadays.

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