Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Videoke Princesses

It is very common that when Filipinos get together expect that there will be singing, videoke, going on. It is one of the means to enjoy the company of friends aside from of course the different pinoy dishes for everyone to partake.

Last Sunday after church me and the kids went to our friend's house. We had a get together along with some friends. We have all Filipino dishes and it felt like home. My friend's Mom cooked all the foods. We had pancit bihon, chicken adobo, lumpia, mongo soup with dried fish, shrimp, sisig and ginataan. It was a feast.

Of course, in between eating we were also singing. My two little darlings were also excited and wanted to hold the mic even though can't read the lyrics on the monitor. So we let the kids sing and chose kiddie songs for them.

The pictures above are my two girls while in their turn to sing. I call them my videoke princesses :-)

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