Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Winning is the best thing to happen to any person. This can boost confidence and in a way attain fame as well. But as a simple individual with simple needs in life, like a mother, a simple hug and kiss from your little ones is like winning a great price. I often told my husband that every time our little girls tells me they love me is like receiving a trophy. If that is the case, then I will have lots of trophies in the house already.

Yeah, I am that sentimental and I really value my kids feelings all the time. They are the sweetest creatures on earth. I already win a million dollar having them in our lives. This is the reason why me and my husband are trying our very best to give them the best life possible. We are molding them to become good citizens and know the value of living life to the fullest in simple ways. We don't have lavish lifestyle because we are ordinary and simple people. As long as we are following God's way of living and showing it to our kids and they are following our examples, then we already feel that we are winning.

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Johanna said...

Off course having a loving family gives a feeling of having won the world.I'm glad you have wonderful daughters!
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