Friday, November 4, 2011

Kids At Play

One thing that I like that my girls are growing is for them to go on a playdate with their friends as well. It is one way of bonding also with my friends. We went to one of our friends house last week and their sone have this battery-operated car that the kids can drive. They have a backyard and the weather was nice, so it was a great time for the kids to drive around the backyard. The kids took their turns. I was so proud of our DD1 that she was able to handle it and also she was very patient to wait for her turn. All the kids did a great job and waiting patiently for their turn. I love the car toy but it is very expensive. In our area where it always rain, the kids can't really use it as much. Maybe when I see a great deal then I can get it for them for the summer. For now, she can just enjoy her bike that we gave on her birthday.

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