Friday, December 2, 2011

Down Unemployment Rate

The US unemployment rate as reported for the month of November went down to 8.6%. It is only for the last month's activity so it is not yet perceived as the monthly trend since we don't know what will be the situation this month and the coming months. More people were hired because of the holidays. Most retail industries and businesses are hiring employees as holiday help until January. There are others that are also retained after the holidays depending on a company's need. I am glad to see this news and at last we can say there is still hope.

I am hoping that people will continue to have their jobs right now and those that don't have can find one soon. I know how it feels to have no job at all. I am wishing that in time I can also get a permanent job, so I can help my family. I thought of having my own business. I have heard that merchant cash advance can help in financing your business. But I need to wait to finish my program and see if what I am planning will be viable. For now, I will concentrate on it and finish as soon as January or February.

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