Friday, December 23, 2011

Microsoft Campus Visit

On Wednesday, December 21, my husband decided to go to Redmond, WA where the Microsoft campus is located. He. wanted to work there, if he will be fortunate, after he retire from the Army. The campus is very big and it occupied both sides of a main street. We went inside the visitor center where you can find their store. You will also find there an interactive area showcasing Microsoft products, like Xbox, Kinect, Zune, different cellular phones, computers, music player, and more. All of it you can try using. The kids loved the Kinect and the Xbox gaming console. Hubby did tried the Kinect, playing tennis. It was really fun and if you want to lounge there and wait for someone, you could really do so.

The distance from our place to the campus is about 63 miles. It took us m
ore than an hour to get there. The traffic was kind of bad that time because we were on the road on a rush hour. It was my second time going there, but our first to really go in one of their buildings and checked out what's inside. It was a great experience and I still like to go there and check out there store for some great Microsoft products in the future. The fam really had a great time for our short trip to the tech campus.

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