Monday, December 19, 2011

Paperless Organization

I watch a show about hoarding and I can't imagine myself to be in that kind of situation. I know that for those people who are suffering from tragedies and other traumas in life, it can result to obsessive keeping of things even those that are not really of good use. This is a psychological thing that really needed attention.

Almost every weekend my husband will sit in our home office, and he will go through all the papers that during the week will be piled on the table. It consists of mails, bills, junk flyers, magazine subscriptions, catalogs, and other things. Although we toss the junk mails right away, there are still instances that we can't open the mails immediately. Since we moved here I already organize some of the paper works that we received accordingly. I looked at my files and it is getting huge. I thought I will need a paperless office software that can help me organize the important papers or correspondence we have without using a physical equipment, like an organization boxes or cabinet.

My husband started keeping track of the important documents we have like warranties of the things we buy and the likes. He made a spreadsheet of it. His way of doing it right now is tedious and time consuming. I will have to figure out about the paperless office software and see if it is suitable for what he is trying to do. Hopefully it will be a great help and we can eliminate some of the clutters we have and avoid hoarding things up.

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