Friday, December 2, 2011

Winter Electricity Bill

I believe it is but normal that during winter electricity bill rises up. This is because we use too much of the heater to keep us warm in the cold winter weather. As a first time homeowner, we were anticipating higher bill this season than when we were still in the apartment. True enough, around end of October we started turning on our heater. My husband put it in auto mode. When the inside temperature goes down below 70, heater will automatically turn. Now that it is already December, the temperature drops low especially in the evening time.

Our bill during summer was around $70s, now it went up to 60%. How I wish there is another way to lower our bill or use a low cost energy like those of the pennsylvania electricity. Unfortunately we only have one electricity company here that service our community. I am not sure though if there are other choices. Good thing though, as our electric bill go up, our water bill seemed going down in the process. One thing that causes this is not watering the yard anymore because we have abundant water supply, literally through rain.

Last month I am not sure how much will be our energy consumption since we did not receive the bill yet. I hope it will not cost us an arm and a leg. I told my husband that we will just wear thick, fleece house clothes when we are home, so we will not turn our heater high. But we have kids and I don't want them to get cold while in the house. This is one reality being a homeowner, the cost of utilities is really different.

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