Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cat Bird Seat. What is it?

This guest post from Margaret Mills.

I was watching a show on Direc4u the other day and someone mentioned the phrase “cat bird seat.” Have you ever head this phrase before? I guess it is a throw back from something old that I am not privy to knowing what the original meaning is. I think I will look it up on Wikipedia. It will know. Wikipedia knows everything. Ah ha! They do know. Here is what it says: The “Catbird Seat” is an idiomatic phrase used to describe an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage… The first time the phrase showed up in literature was in 1942. A short story written by James Thurber was title “The Catbird Seat.” It was about a character Mrs. Barrows who liked to use the phrase. I don’t know about you guys but I am over here sitting in the catbird seat in my apartment, wine in one hand, remote by me. No one to bother me and no one here to try to change the channel. I am in the catbird seat of life right now. What a lovely place.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Siri of the Philippines

I don't have an iPhone but I am aware about how Siri works in this communication device. What is funny is that Filipino ingenuity came out as they introduced the Philippine counterpart of Siri, named Vangie, in a very comedic way. This is really hilarious and I can't stop laughing watching this video clip over and over.

Kudos to those that conceptualize this. Filipinos are really very talented.

(Disclaimer: Found this video on youtube. This is worth sharing.)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Jackets for Winter

Christmas holiday will soon be over but getting winter fashion during this holiday sale season is still rocking. If you have plans of driving to places and requires your man a thick, comfortable jacket to sport on, check out carhartt jackets. It's very nice looking apparel, and I am pretty sure your man will be comfortable driving the family anywhere.

I am thinking of getting one for the husband. He needs more thick jackets. He is very picky when it comes to what he wants to wear, but pretty sure he will approve of this jacket. It is not only comfortable but fashionable as well.

Microsoft Campus Visit

On Wednesday, December 21, my husband decided to go to Redmond, WA where the Microsoft campus is located. He. wanted to work there, if he will be fortunate, after he retire from the Army. The campus is very big and it occupied both sides of a main street. We went inside the visitor center where you can find their store. You will also find there an interactive area showcasing Microsoft products, like Xbox, Kinect, Zune, different cellular phones, computers, music player, and more. All of it you can try using. The kids loved the Kinect and the Xbox gaming console. Hubby did tried the Kinect, playing tennis. It was really fun and if you want to lounge there and wait for someone, you could really do so.

The distance from our place to the campus is about 63 miles. It took us m
ore than an hour to get there. The traffic was kind of bad that time because we were on the road on a rush hour. It was my second time going there, but our first to really go in one of their buildings and checked out what's inside. It was a great experience and I still like to go there and check out there store for some great Microsoft products in the future. The fam really had a great time for our short trip to the tech campus.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Secure Your Family's Future

One of the things that is really important for us is to secure our kids future. There are many ways for you to do it, and I am sure that most parents are looking into it. We do not know or predict what can happen in the future so it is very important that we are ready in every ways. Right now we are all securing our property by getting insurance. Although are still scouting from different home insurance providers about premiums, but all the basic needs or insurance we are already covered.

I discussed this with my cousin just yesterday while we were talking on the phone. They live in UK before for 9 years. They bought their house their and they also have also have home insurance and other riders in order to secure their property. It is really worth it because when something happened like flooding or fire, your property is covered.

With us here, we have home insurance that I can really count on in case we need it. But we are still trying to look for other home insurance providers for earthquake insurance. We don't have it yet but we are looking for a good rate. I hope by next year we can find something affordable. We prefer to get it from our current provider, but they have high premium on it. We cannot afford right now if we add it to our existing account. Once I can get a job and able to help with our finances, then we will surely add the earthquake insurance.

Help SENDONG Victims in the Philippines

I am deeply saddened by what happened to the most affected cities of Iligan and Cagayan de Oro caused by the devastation of typhoon Sendong. Many lives perished and properties lost. The aftermath is just so heartbreaking to witness. I know the Filipino people are very resilient and can get back up after the tragedy. But the most important thing this time is to help those that are affected. The survivors need basic necessities so if you all have something to give and help there are many organizations, government and private, that you can channel your help with.

I hope that the government of both cities will be able make plans for the relocation of those that are affected and we can only hope and pray that this tragedy will not happen again. One website to check out and send donation is and a friend of mine also doing her best to help. Check her blog here Mixed e-catch and any donation you can share is greatly appreciated.

Monday, December 19, 2011

New Beginning After Sendong

The southern island of the Philippines, mindanao, was hit by the recently devastating typhoon Sendong. It hit 2 of the cities in mindanao, specifically Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City. These 2 cities are really dear to me since I have families and friends that live there. Thank God my brother's family was not affected. I am saddened by those that not only lost their belongings but also lost their loved ones. It is really heartbreaking looking at the news and pictures of what Sendong had caused.

For the past 2 days I was very worried because I can't contact my sister-in-law. My brother is not home because he works overseas. He will be back home next year. They were once a victim of flooding that is why I am very concerned. I called them up this morning and was very glad they are okay.

I will encourage my brother to just stay on land and venture for a new business when he gets home. It is hard to think that at times like this he is not around to be help his family. I know he was already thinking of a welding shop before and, in fact, already have welding cable and other machinery to start with. He also need to move out of their current place and live at an elevated area. He told me they already bought a lot in one of the elevated subdivision in the city. The only thing they need is enough money to build the house. I am hopeful that when he gets home they will pursue to move out so we will not be worried for them anymore when such calamity happens again.

To all the people affected with the typhoon, I pray that you will continue to be strong and hopeful despite everything. I know the Filipino people are very resilient and can still find good amidst the catastrophe. I also pray that people in the Philippines will go hand in hand together to help the victims.

Paperless Organization

I watch a show about hoarding and I can't imagine myself to be in that kind of situation. I know that for those people who are suffering from tragedies and other traumas in life, it can result to obsessive keeping of things even those that are not really of good use. This is a psychological thing that really needed attention.

Almost every weekend my husband will sit in our home office, and he will go through all the papers that during the week will be piled on the table. It consists of mails, bills, junk flyers, magazine subscriptions, catalogs, and other things. Although we toss the junk mails right away, there are still instances that we can't open the mails immediately. Since we moved here I already organize some of the paper works that we received accordingly. I looked at my files and it is getting huge. I thought I will need a paperless office software that can help me organize the important papers or correspondence we have without using a physical equipment, like an organization boxes or cabinet.

My husband started keeping track of the important documents we have like warranties of the things we buy and the likes. He made a spreadsheet of it. His way of doing it right now is tedious and time consuming. I will have to figure out about the paperless office software and see if it is suitable for what he is trying to do. Hopefully it will be a great help and we can eliminate some of the clutters we have and avoid hoarding things up.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Using Gadget While Attending Church Service

Every Sunday we make sure we can go to church and so far we are doing it. We will continue to do so for the years to come. I am glad that me and my husband are both into to it, to show our kids how grateful we are to God for all the blessings that we receive each and everyday.

While at church, I can see many people are incorporating using electronics while at service. Some use their ipod, ipad, kindle or any e-reader, and even smart cellphones to read the bible. I think even at the church service it is more interactive now at this hi-tech time. Our pastor is also very encouraging about it. The service that we have every Sunday also have a live streaming on the internet. If church member is out of town and still want to hear or see the service, he/she can go online and watch it. So high tech, isn't it?

I think for those conservatives that are not agreeable to the idea will just have to accept that people now have so much choice on most things. Using high tech gadgets is not only for socializing or business but even in the way of expressing your faith. I am still on the moderate side. I myself brought my kindle where I downloaded the Bible, but we still brought the real one to church and prefer it more than the electronic one.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Save in Buying Your Gadgets

According to surveys of the most in demand gadgets nowadays are the ipads, other tablets, ipods, e-book readers, and other electronics that are not only on trend with adults but kids as well. In our house we only have one Apple product and that is an ipod touch that I gave to my husband on his birthday. I am planning to have another laptop and thinking of a MacBook pro. But this plan is not anytime soon. I still have to save money for it.

But for those who are planning to buy electronics from the Apple store, check out this Apple Store promotion code and start saving now. When I bought some stuff online for gifts to my loved ones I checked out different coupon codes for different store so I can save money. Geek alerts is one site that I like to get coupon codes for gadgets. They have wide range of store coupons for different electronics.

If you are thinking of getting something from best buy, they also have coupon codes to grab as well as other stores. Geek alerts really alerts you for deals to score in electronics and other gadgets. So why not check the site now and start using coupon codes to score a deal with your gifts fo your loved ones.

If You Are Driving, You Need to Have Insurance

I am just driving for six years. This means I am a newbie compared to those who are born and raised here in the US where they have the opportunity to drive, if they want to. At the age of 15 you can have your student permit. When I learned how to drive and have my permit, my husband added me as a driver to our auto insurance. When he got me my first vehicle, we also made sure that it has insurance with full coverage.

We cannot emphasize enough how important to have an auto insurance especially when we are driving. We do not know what can happen on the road. We may be the most defensive and careful driver, but the danger of driving on the road with different motorists is high. We do not know when accidents happen. This is why is best to have the security and be prepared of what might happen, God forbid.

Some people say they cannot afford the cost of insurance and they will just have to be careful while driving. It is not always the case. When somebody hit you or collide with you on the road, you will just have to run because you don't have insurance? The best thing is to have one. Find a Cheap Car Insurance. I know there are lots of low premiums auto insurance that you can find. The internet is a great resource to research for one. Some services will enable you to get a free quote and free comparison with other providers so you can save more money.

Our car insurance bill came out last month and I am so happy that we got a Cheap Car Insurance. Our premium went down. We saved around $27 from our previous one. According to our provider, since we have clean driving record they lowered our monthly premium. That is just awesome. This motivates me more to drive safely and carefully.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Down Unemployment Rate

The US unemployment rate as reported for the month of November went down to 8.6%. It is only for the last month's activity so it is not yet perceived as the monthly trend since we don't know what will be the situation this month and the coming months. More people were hired because of the holidays. Most retail industries and businesses are hiring employees as holiday help until January. There are others that are also retained after the holidays depending on a company's need. I am glad to see this news and at last we can say there is still hope.

I am hoping that people will continue to have their jobs right now and those that don't have can find one soon. I know how it feels to have no job at all. I am wishing that in time I can also get a permanent job, so I can help my family. I thought of having my own business. I have heard that merchant cash advance can help in financing your business. But I need to wait to finish my program and see if what I am planning will be viable. For now, I will concentrate on it and finish as soon as January or February.

Winter Electricity Bill

I believe it is but normal that during winter electricity bill rises up. This is because we use too much of the heater to keep us warm in the cold winter weather. As a first time homeowner, we were anticipating higher bill this season than when we were still in the apartment. True enough, around end of October we started turning on our heater. My husband put it in auto mode. When the inside temperature goes down below 70, heater will automatically turn. Now that it is already December, the temperature drops low especially in the evening time.

Our bill during summer was around $70s, now it went up to 60%. How I wish there is another way to lower our bill or use a low cost energy like those of the pennsylvania electricity. Unfortunately we only have one electricity company here that service our community. I am not sure though if there are other choices. Good thing though, as our electric bill go up, our water bill seemed going down in the process. One thing that causes this is not watering the yard anymore because we have abundant water supply, literally through rain.

Last month I am not sure how much will be our energy consumption since we did not receive the bill yet. I hope it will not cost us an arm and a leg. I told my husband that we will just wear thick, fleece house clothes when we are home, so we will not turn our heater high. But we have kids and I don't want them to get cold while in the house. This is one reality being a homeowner, the cost of utilities is really different.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anniversary Coming Up

This month is almost over and Christmas is just around the corner. Aside from the holidays, we will also be celebrating our 7th year anniversary. Time flies fast indeed. I can't believe it's been this long. I can't thank God enough for keeping us together and protecting our family through and through.

Our wedding back then was so simple and attended by few family members of my husband's. Since we didn't have a church wedding, my husband told me we can plan to renew our vow at 10 years, and we will be holding it in the Philippines where most of my family lives. I went online to get wedding inspirations and really inspired by the works at raleigh wedding videography. I wish we can also have such a nice wedding video service later on. A video will be the only way to capture this most memorable event in our lives. I hope everything works well and a renewal of vow will be pushed through.

New Home Office Set-up

At last we were able to move the home office to the spare room. The great room upstairs is now solely for entertainment purposes. Yesterday cable came by to check if the cable jack in the spare room is working. Good thing it is and the only thing we need is a longer cord for the phone so we can have it run through under the carpet at the baseboard.

This reorganization of rooms has been planned on the second month we moved here. I wanted a separate area for a home office to use once I can get a home-based work. Now it is working great and I can't thank enough my husband who is supportive and slept late last night to set-up everything. I am now more inspired to do my online opportunities and online school work.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Decorating our Daughters Room

Now that my husband is here from almost a month of training out of town, we will be pursuing the painting and decorating of our daughters room. For now we are going to put them in the same room since they are still small. The older sister wanted a pink and purple paint. We already picked put the color scheme from one of the stores here in our area. We will paint two walls pink and two walls purple. The trimmings will be snow white so the colors will pop out brightly.

As to the decorations I am still thinking of best decoration that is durable and suitable for a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old. I saw monogramed kids room d├ęcor online and thinking it will be a nice idea. I also checked out some of the kids room decals and other accessories. I am hoping we can start the room decorating this weekend since hubby have 4-day weekend and we are hoping to be done before Thanksgiving day. I am very excited and so are the girls. We all can't wait how this all will turn out.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Kids At Play

One thing that I like that my girls are growing is for them to go on a playdate with their friends as well. It is one way of bonding also with my friends. We went to one of our friends house last week and their sone have this battery-operated car that the kids can drive. They have a backyard and the weather was nice, so it was a great time for the kids to drive around the backyard. The kids took their turns. I was so proud of our DD1 that she was able to handle it and also she was very patient to wait for her turn. All the kids did a great job and waiting patiently for their turn. I love the car toy but it is very expensive. In our area where it always rain, the kids can't really use it as much. Maybe when I see a great deal then I can get it for them for the summer. For now, she can just enjoy her bike that we gave on her birthday.

Weight Loss After the Holidays

Oftentimes we heard from people saying they need to lose weight after the holidays. This will even be one of their new year's resolution, so to speak. There was a time also that I told myself I need to lose weight when January of the next year came. We had so many holidays at the end of the year that scaling back on food intake is just impossible to do. There are lots of partying that will happen that it is really hard to decline. This is the time to be with family and friends so you can't really escape and just be at home.

So for those that are doing the resolution of going on a lose weight program after the holidays, there are so many to choose from. If you don't want the hassle of tackling the extra pounds after the holidays, you can do some portion control when attending parties. If you opt to do exercise make sure that you do it regularly. And for those that opt for taking some lose weight pills, make sure to check out to for the best pill and the best value for your buck. Make sure to check with your physician before taking any pills too.

Paramedic Jobs

I have high regard for those who work as paramedics. I can't imagine the amount of responsibility that they have. They are the first to give medical help before victims brought to the hospital. I think if you work as a paramedic you have strong confidence and you must really know what you should do. It is also important that you have the ability to move quickly and not easily distracted.

I have lots of friends that work in medical fields, nursing assistants, nurses, physical therapists, and medical practitioners. They have different stories to tell. One of them is thinking of looking for Paramedic Jobs because she loves the challenge and feel the calling. I know she is very capable of it. She loves to help and she is a good nurse so I am not surprise.For myself, I have medical background and hoping to finish nursing school, but I am planning to work in a hospital setting where I am most comfortable.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I had the chance to go to the mall with my kids and some friends. It was raining but we had a great time. My friend's parents just came here in the US and it was their first time to see the mall that we went to. It was a Saturday so you can expect lots of shoppers and kids. We had lunch at the foodcourt and then went to see some shops. I bought a good deal of jacket at JCPenney and also clothes for my 2 girls. Before we head home we let the kids play at the play area and as usual we had a hard time going out of there coz the kids love to just play and play. It was a great day and happy that kids love their bonding with friends.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Winning is the best thing to happen to any person. This can boost confidence and in a way attain fame as well. But as a simple individual with simple needs in life, like a mother, a simple hug and kiss from your little ones is like winning a great price. I often told my husband that every time our little girls tells me they love me is like receiving a trophy. If that is the case, then I will have lots of trophies in the house already.

Yeah, I am that sentimental and I really value my kids feelings all the time. They are the sweetest creatures on earth. I already win a million dollar having them in our lives. This is the reason why me and my husband are trying our very best to give them the best life possible. We are molding them to become good citizens and know the value of living life to the fullest in simple ways. We don't have lavish lifestyle because we are ordinary and simple people. As long as we are following God's way of living and showing it to our kids and they are following our examples, then we already feel that we are winning.

Family and Friends

I value very much my Friends and Family. They are the source of my strength and inspirations. If not for them I will not strive to be better and become a good person. Of course I also do everything for myself but with them in my life makes me more focused and do the best I can. I can't imagine not having my family and friends.

I heard some people saying they don't need their family nor their friends to success. I know that our success and failure lies in our own hands and how we handle our life. But we also need our friends and families support, especially the moral one. We have different views about this and I respect each ones opinion. It is just me that I love the idea of having my family and friends around me that constantly encourages me and push me to do better for myself. This is why I treasure them very much and I will do my best to make them proud.

More Houses in Our Community

When we move here in July there are still areas or streets that don't have houses yet. In about 3 months time most of those lots have houses constructed already. I can't believe how fast this builder is constructing the houses. They have lots of workers so I think that is why they are fast. My friend whose house was the only one standing on this street was also amazed how the construction was being fast tracked. It is not just steel building but big house at that with different construction media.

I attended the first HOA meeting last month. There were some issues being brought up by different homeowners, which I think are valid. One was saying their house now have issues of bubbles on their walls and paint coming off. Another one was saying that their house was constructed during a rainy season that it was soaked wet and maybe causing some bubbles on the walls. In any case, the builder has still the responsibility of our property for the whole year since we moved in. We did have minor issues since we moved but so far the builders are attentive to what we complained to them.

I know as the time goes we will face different issues with the property and as a homeowner it is a big responsibility. That is why having a house is a great investment. Not only your responsibility to pay the mortgage but also the underlying expenses that goes along with it. This is also why one should be ready enough to embark on this big step in order not to get burned when finances are getting shaky. It is in the hands of the homeowners how to be responsible so as not to fall bad on mortgage and experience the housing problem nowadays.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Videoke Princesses

It is very common that when Filipinos get together expect that there will be singing, videoke, going on. It is one of the means to enjoy the company of friends aside from of course the different pinoy dishes for everyone to partake.

Last Sunday after church me and the kids went to our friend's house. We had a get together along with some friends. We have all Filipino dishes and it felt like home. My friend's Mom cooked all the foods. We had pancit bihon, chicken adobo, lumpia, mongo soup with dried fish, shrimp, sisig and ginataan. It was a feast.

Of course, in between eating we were also singing. My two little darlings were also excited and wanted to hold the mic even though can't read the lyrics on the monitor. So we let the kids sing and chose kiddie songs for them.

The pictures above are my two girls while in their turn to sing. I call them my videoke princesses :-)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Fall and Flu Season

Don't get me wrong, I love fall season because I like it when the leaves change its colors and the breeze is cooler. The only thing I dreaded for this season is when it is getting colder and raining all the time, the kids will start to catch colds and cough. Last week both of my girls started to have colds and developed to have elevated temperatures, and now the cough is very stubborn to go away. I don't like it when they feel this way. It makes me worried and I will have sleepless nights. I can't sleep when they are not feeling well.

The older sister is brave enough though. When she feels that she is sick, she will let me know, and she is very compliant if I tell her to take her meds or go take some rest. The little one is a different story, since she is the baby she whines and I have to carry her all the time. So having sick babies and husband is away for a month for training is not fun at all for this mommy. Anyways, I am now glad that they started to gain back some appetite and the colds is fading. The cough, I believe will stay for this week and I am hoping they will be better this coming week.

Despite what they are feeling right now, I am glad they are still active and playing. This coming weekend, hopefully, they will enjoy seeing friends. We're invited for lunch in a friend's house and we are also going to make first birthday invitations for their little one. It will be fun for the kids to play and for the moms to bond and chit-chat too. I still can't forget preparing our DD2's 1st birthday celebration back in April. It was very exciting and fun.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Three Months as Homeowners

It has been 3 months since we moved and I should say we are doing great and kind of adjusted to our new place. Although we are still trying to get everything organized and decorated. As far as decorating, we are doing it one step at a time. I don't want to buy and get all the stuff that we need coz I don't want to be over our budget. I don't want to just spend and spend and not save. Having your own house can sometimes make you forget that you have to slow down in shopping. I know there are still lots of opportunities for me to make improvements and I am not in a hurry.

As I have said, I am doing one room at a time. The formal living area and formal dining is close to coming altogether. I just need a rug and maybe a china cabinet or curio then it will tied the place together. Right now it looks good, but I need a little more touch ups. I found a nice rug in one of the decor store here. I think it will go nicely with our sofa and loveseat in the formal living room. I am still saving for it and hopefully I can get it before December.

For this fall season, I am planning of decorating a little of the fall stuff in the house. The window treatment that I have right now is earth color, in the shade of brown. I will need some orange ornaments to go for the fall decor though. Hubby gave my old decor to goodwill already, so this means I have to buy another.

I think having your own place can really give you all way access to anything that you like for your place. I like the idea that I have the free reign on what I want to do to the walls, windows and ceilings. My husband said, as long as I wont' make to much holes on the walls, then he is there support me.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free at Last

Before when our credit was whacked, we got calls from different debt collectors. Before we embarked on the biggest decision of our lives, becoming a homeowner, we paid our debts and I am so thankful that now we no longer hear those calls. It is very liberating that this happened to our lives. We can now move on and make sure that everything in our lives are in order.

I think most people passed through this episode in their lives where you will be in debt and you are trying your best to get out of it. A lot of people successfully handle it and I am proud to say that we are one of them. We are now more responsible and always on track with our finances. Our lesson learned is not to spend beyond your income. Make sure that you have emergency funds and build up your savings for retirement. We are still and will continue on what we have started with regard to our plans and God-willing we will get there too.

In Case of Emergency

We love to travel and we are planning of one soon since we were not able to go for vacation for almost 2 years now. My husband will be deployed again and we wanted to take a vacation before he leave. One thing that we always make sure before we go some place is to make sure everything is set up because we don't know when emergencies happen. People have different ways of dealing such things but I am pretty sure all of it will gear toward the betterment of the whole family.

One thing I learned about travelling and if there are emergencies is to call the services that you trusted more. It is best to set this up before hand so that when incidents happen you know who can rely too. Say if you are travelling on an rv, an rv travel emergency services that can give assistance will be a great help. There are companies that offers emergency evacuation while travelling and it will surely make life easier once these things happen. You can check online for these services and make sure you go for the one that will give you the confidence of using their business.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congrats to Miss Shamcey Supsup - 3rd Runner Up Miss Universe 2011

Last night was again another big night for the Filipino people. Miss Shamcey G. Susup brought the country pride and honor being the 3rd runner up for the coveted Miss Universe pageant. She is an epitome of a Filipina woman. If I am not mistaken, she don't have any foreign blood in her. She is a true Pinay with oozing beauty and brains. She represented the country very well. We should all be proud of what she accomplished. She put the country in the map again just like her predecessor Miss Venus Raj - 4th Runner Up Miss Universe 2010.

I read that there were lots of disgruntled Pinoys. Let us all remember that everyone has its own time. I believe that the winners are deserving and should have the respect of everyone. No bashing that sounds like sour graping. Those that expect too much in this type of competition should come out to reality. As what our contestant have said during her interview she said that being able to be in the top 10 is a miracle. All those stunning and brilliant ladies deserved to be reckon with even if they did not win. I am pretty sure that in the hearts of their respective countries, they too are winners and their Miss Universe.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Miss Holding a New Born

It seemed like I was giving birth just yesterday, but it's been 16 months already. Time fly by so quick. I miss holding my tiny ones. Every time I see newborns I have that longing in my heart. This is why when I have my two daughters I celebrated their being a newborn. I went online before I have them and checked out different ideas of celebrating little ones. I found good sites that shares ideas how to celebrating your newborn. One thing I learned in one of those sites was to buy a ring and when our daughters outgrew it I made it as a pendant. It's a good idea. You can always carry a memento of your little ones wherever you go. I shared the story to our older girl already. She got excited the first time she learned about it. It is a good conversation piece too for both you and your little one.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where I Met My Husband

I have been open about where I met my husband here in my blog. I myself cannot believe that everything worked out well for us after almost 9 years since we met online. Yeah, 9 years all together but we were married for almost 7 years. I met him online and I met him in person in UK. We found out that we have a lot in common and we wanted to be married to each other. The rest history. We now have two beautiful daughters together and I can't ask for anything more.

A lot of my friends back home asked me about how our relationship went while we were dating online. I told them it was something special and we put a lot of trust and faith in what we have. We told each other that if we are meant to be then there will be a way for us to be together. I do believe that God made a way and that we ended in each other's arms.

There are lots of dating sites online like the free online dating at that caters to those who wanted to look for their match. My advise is to really make sure you are joining a credible site and will not scam you. You have to sign up for this sites and you will give out personal information so caution must be observed. There is nothing wrong of looking for love online as long as you know what you are going into. I am a testament of a love that blossomed from an online dating.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vacation Bible School

Our DD1 along with her older sister is attending vacation bible school at our church. Two weeks ago she attended a vacation bible school that her school's church was hosting. She had a grand time while in VBS but unfortunately wasn't able to finish it until the last day because she got sick. This time I am hoping both of them can finish until the end. This is only a 5-day VBS so I know they will have a blast as well.

The VBS started at 6pm-8pm. By the time they are finish it is almost about bedtime for our 4-year-old. The first night, on the 22nd, she was kinda tired but she said she had a good time. The last day will be a talent show and I hope she will enjoy watching different talents that will be showcased.

I can't wait for DD2 to be 4-year-old and can go with her older sisters for programs like this. I brought her to church on their first day and she was also participating with the dancing. Both me and my husband went with them on the first night and we are very glad that the kids are excited to attend VBS.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Care of Pets

The other day my husband was telling we are not yet ready to have a pet because we are both busy. He is working and I am taking care of the household and the kids plus I also have my school work to do. Aside from that, I know that you also need to be financially prepared for taking the responsibility as a pet owner. I think I will just wait until our little one will be older and then decide on getting a pet. Both my kids love to have one. They are not scared to pet dogs or cats so I am pretty sure when we have one later on they will be good to them.

Even we don't have pet yet I am already reading information about owning a pet. How to take care of them and what are the things needed for them. I have lots of friends that own pets and one common thing they told me is to prevent mange that will affect your pet. I am reading information about it and this is a terrible thing to happen to your pets. It will make them suffer from pain. I hope when we have one later on it will not go through this illness. I just knew about this through my readings and hopefully I will gather more information about owning a pet that will make us a responsible owner in the future.

Not a Tech Savvy

The other day I had the test of my being a not so tech savvy. Our internet connection stopped working. I tried troubleshooting it. Followed the instruction to reboot, reset the modem, router and check the computer network cable that my husband set up, but nothing happened. I called my husband and he walked me through on what to do, still to no avail. So I gave up and just waited for him to come home so he can fix it.

I went to cook spaghetti since I can't get to work online. When my husband arrived he told me he tried calling our home phone but I did not hear it ringing. When I checked it I found out there was no dial tone. Our internet connection and home phone are not working. He called out provider and our connection was reset. I think because I did not think right away that it may be the network was down that is why internet wasn't working. If only I am a tech savvy then I could have thought of it and called our provider by myself. Oh well, now I know what to look into once our connection act up again.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Our Humble Abode

I am still rejoicing and very thankful to God that He continues to shower us with His blessings. I still can't get over that now we are living in our own place. I can go to sleep at night with a smile and my heart brimming with hope for my kids. I wish and pray that we can support them and continue to give them a roof on their heads, food to eat, clothing and most of all a family that shares the love and understanding for each of us.

This is our humble abode, our first place. The first place that we will fill with love, joy and laughter. The place that I know my kids can grow with. It may not be a mansion but we are rich with thankfulness and love in our hearts.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Home Office

We have 4 bedrooms in our house and I am thinking of making one of the bedrooms as our home office. My concern is we will not have spare room for guests. Right now our home office is in our 2nd floor living area. We divided it into tv area and the office. Once I start working at home I need privacy since I will be dealing later on with medical records and stuff as medical transcriptionist.

One of my options is to look for computer cabinets that I can put in the bedroom so it will not take too much space and at the same time put a day bed inside there for guests to sleep in with. The cabinet can be closed when we have guests and put away all the other stuff with it. It will be a space saver. Although I still have ample time to plan on it, but for sure it is a good option in the future.

My target now is to save enough money to complete the home office that I am planning. It may take some time but I know I will be satisfied once it is finished.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cramming Mode

The end of my program will be this September. There are still 8 sessions left, and I am pretty sure I will get the extension that I needed to finish. My school only gives 6 months maximum extensions. This means that I have to work hard and be motivated to finish early.

I am glad that I am getting better and the practice dictations helped a lot. But lately my motivation is low that it make it hard for me to do school stuff daily. I am doing my best but always get distracted. To add to it my headphone stopped working on me. I needed a new and better one. One that will help me hearing minor words and cancel noises from the background. I am working with the kids around. They are watching their show or playing around while I do my PDs so a noise cancelling one is necessary.

I hope I will find the motivation to work hard more. I need to finish this and have a job soon so I can help with our expenses here. We now have mortgage and I want to help build our finances not only for our daily expense but also for our future. With this, I think I have to double time on school stuff and catch up. So help me God!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Blackberry Person

My cellphone right now is a blackberry. I got this almost two years ago. My husband's cellphone when I got my blackberry is a simple one that he can only use to text and call. He said he don't need a fancy one. With my coaxing, he agreed to switched to blackberry.

Now he is glad he did. He like the features on blackberry and also downloaded applications that he always uses. I asked him if he want a touch phone like iphone but he said he likes his phone better.

So now I am thinking if he will like the new black berry play book. He uses the computer a lot and maybe getting him this for his birthday is a good idea. I need to check its review first though if it is really functional. I gave him an ipod and he likes it, so maybe this will be another gadget that he will like too since he likes his blackberry.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Saying :Til We Meet Again" to a Friend

Tomorrow I will be hosting dinner for our friends who will be moving to Germany. Her husband is stationed there and they will be going there to join him on Sunday. Last night my husband asked me if I will be sad. Of course I will be. She is the one I talked to every single day. She helped me a lot when I was pregnant and our husbands were deployed. She took me to the hospital when I gave birth and brought us home after. She is like a sister to me here and one that I can say a very good friend.

I was thinking of giving her a customized gift like the "worlds greatest" mugs I saw online and have the pictures of our kids on it, but I don't have time anymore. I didn't thought of it then. It would have been something they can bring to Germany and remind of our friendship. Since I haven't ordered it yet, I need to get something for her and for the kids tomorrow. I will still order one though. I will take pictures of the kids together tomorrow before dinner and then order the mug. Once I get it I will send it to them to their new address. I will be getting the worlds greatest mug for the world's greatest friend whom I don't know if we'll see ever again.

Driving Safely

Last month my friend attended a birthday party with her twin boys. The host of the party is also our friend. They have a big lawn since they live in a somewhat countryside and they have ATVs. One of the twin boys rode in one and had an accident. I was told that the ATV Tires came off as they rode downhill. Good thing it did not hurt the boy that much. He had bruises on his face and fortunately did not break his nose. One lesson learned I guess is always use a helmet and make sure the vehicle is good to go.

I have been driving for about 6 years now and one thing that I always pray everyday and when I am on the road is to be safe. I drive defensively and always on the look out around my surroundings. If I am not in a hurry I always stay in the safe lane. I don't care if all the cars will pass me by as long as I am safe and driving within the speed limit. I go to my appointments early so I will not be in a hurry when on the road. If it is my first time driving by on a certain road, I make sure to familiarize the road map; where to turn, familiar landmarks, and so on.

It is not really difficult to drive here in the US since road signs will direct you where to go. Drivers here too are well aware of the laws and traffic rules and police are not playing once you are caught. Despite those, you can encounter a lot of impatient drivers all the time. They know the speed limit and sometimes the traffic is already red but still they speed through. This is mostly why accidents happen along with driving under the influence. You can't really tell what will happen but if you drive safely and defensively then you are good.

Settled In

I would say right now we are settled-in in our new place. The feeling is very different knowing that the place you live in is your own and you can do anything without fear of being evicted. We are still in the process of adjusting to the routines. My husband said that one thing he is trying to get used to is throwing of our garbage everyday. When we were still in the apartment almost every morning when he goes to work he will throw our trash to the compactor. If you are in the house you have to wait once a week for the trash to be picked up.

When it comes to our furniture, we already arranged it accordingly. We have 2 more furniture sets in our wish list that we are still waiting to have. I told hubby to wait buying it since we don't really need it immediately. Having your own house can really make you want to get everything. Buy decors, furniture, and etc. I don't want to do it impulsively. I want to make sure that we will not be in debt as we have to pay mortgage monthly.

In totality, I love it that we are now settled in our own place. Decorating will come and I will do it one step at a time. As long as all that we need for now is met then I don't have any complaints. We already invited few friends last July 4 in our new place and so glad everyone enjoyed. This Saturday I will be hosting dinner for few of my friends. One friend and her family will be leaving on Sunday to Germany. Her husband is being stationed there. It will be a sad dinner not only for us but also to our kids.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Right Headphone

I am currently enrolled taking medical transcription program online. In order to become more successful and understand more the dictations is for you to have a good headphone. Right now my headphone is okay, but I am still having problem hearing the exact words the doctors are dictating. I am looking for a good one and most of my colleagues suggesting a pricey one. I can't afford to get a pricier headphone.

I have been trying to look up online for different headphones but so far I don't have any luck. I asked my husband to search online as well since he is also comparing the top 10 subwoofer speakers. He is planning to set up the media room and he wanted to get a good speaker. I hope I will be able to find the right headphone to use so I will not have this not-hearing-the-right-word problem again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Big Move

Guest written by our friend Gladys Fuentes.

Texas is a big state, so when I met a guy who lived in Dallas (I live in Houston) it was tough at first. We did the long distance thing for a while and went back and forth all the time but that became just too much, so eventually we knew one of us was going to have to move. I decided that since his job was more stable, I would quit mine and move to Dallas to be with him. Dave and I have lived together now for about three months and honestly, it couldn’t be going better. He’s just an amazing guy and I’m so glad we found each other but boy, did his house need some work! I painted the walls and fixed up the curtains and even lowered our electric rates by shopping around on (he can thank me for that one later). I know that we’re meant to be and I’m honestly so glad I made the jump to be out here with him!

Moving Out

I feel so anxious right now for all the going ons here. I want to know if we can close tomorrow or not or if we can start to move out our things this weekend. I hate the waiting part but my husband always tells me not to stress out on it. I am not really stressed out but just anxious for all these to be done and then continue on with our lives in a more settled way.

Almost every weekend since we know that we are going to close this month we visited appliances and furniture stores. We have so much in our wish list that we are hoping to get one at a time. We decided to make priority list and make sure we do not jump to every stuff we saw that we think we need. Both me and my husband like to have home entertainment because we have two small kids and going out, like watching movies, is not possible this time. So we thought of upgrading our home entertainment system once we move to our new place.

The home entertainment system we thought of getting is the one where we can save money most. Not very expensive and so high-tech. We have the list already and we just need a little bigger television to fit the room and we already have the component video cables. We have the DVD player so I think we will be good to go with it. Another big appliances that we need is the washer and dryer. We already found the lowest price in town. We went to a lot of stores but we found one at a locally- owned appliance store.

This coming week will be a busy week for us. Our lease will end at the end of this month and in July we will be in our new place, with God's grace. I am crossing my fingers here and praying to God that everything will go through without any hitch.

School Update

I am so behind with finishing my program. I have been doing trying my best to at least catch up but life always gets in the way. If not the kids have health issues it is about our day to day activity here. I would say also that I don't have a routine and schedule that I can really stick in to. My instructor helped me with creating the schedule but I wasn't able to follow it diligently. The house hunting and the process of becoming a homeowner really superimposed on the rest of my activity.

One thing I can say though that when it comes to reading I am up to date with it but the practice dictations dragged me to slowness. Right now I am way behind with the PDs. I was thinking there were only 20 PDs but when I checked on it again, there are 25 I need to finish for this session. I am hoping I will be able to finish it before we move out here.

One trivia that I learned about my readings though was about turning bad testosterone into a good one. I didn't know it can be done. I read and searched more on it and found out that testoripped, a supplement I believe, can do the work. Maybe some body builder are using this stuff. I really like it when I learn something new from my medical readings. I also love the textbook that we have because it give us a lot of information. This is why even if I read too many pages per chapter I still look forward to the knowledge I will gain from it. This being said, I need to finish my PDs now and on to next session's readings.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Property Walk Through

I would say that we are doing great and smooth with this property now. Yesterday the inspection was done and today we had a walk through with the builders and we were given a homeowners manual. Everything went well and since it is a new construction there is not much of issues. There were few touch ups as to painting to be done and recheck on the fireplace inside the bedroom that hopefully will be fixed soon.

As to our closing date, we are projecting this coming week. We are waiting for the appraisal from VA and then our lender will schedule the closing date. She promised to have us on the week of the 20th so we have enough time to move out our stuff from the apartment.

One thing I am looking forward to do is to establish a working home organization. We have enough space to put our stuff in the new place. It is a matter of having a functional storage so all of it will not be cluttered. I asked my husband to have a document management system that will store all the documents we have; personal and work related. For outdoor stuff we are thinking of having a small shed so the garage will not be packed. This process is really getting me anxious and I just pray all will be well in the end. I know the wait will be worth it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Insurance for Kids

Yesterday we spent half of the afternoon at the pool here in our complex with some of my friends. The kids enjoyed the water and we had fun chatting as well. One of the things that we talked about was life insurance for the kids. My friend said they purchased life insurance for their kids. I was thinking it will be some kind of a grow up plan that they can use once they are old enough. I saw one as advertised on television about a grow up plan that the kids can borrow.

It is a great idea to secure our kids future. Me and my husband will only start to establish college fund for them. But I believe we also need to look into insurance as well. We may be able to start it when we can move in our own place. Right now we are tightening our belt for the closing. Once everything is in place then we can start to plan financially for the kids funds.

Disappointing News

When you thought that everything is going smooth then it came out as a frustration and disappointment. Well, we were in the process of having our first place. We are already under contract but the builders take too long to start building the house. Are you kidding me? We signed the contract in April and until now there's still no word when they can ground break.

What will happen now is we are going to pull out from them and start looking again, which is the frustrating part. We have a thousand earnest money and we may have to kiss it goodbye. I really hated the thought that they are not true to what they are telling us. The communication is so disconnect and we are left wondering what is going on.

Early today we went out and look at houses again. The 2nd community we went too told us that we are the 6th home buyer that came to them from the same builder we are in contract with that shared the same experience as what we have. So I guess they may have some really serious issues over there. We are hoping now that everything will go smooth and we can find the house that is fit for our family.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Healthy Life

Living a healthy life is somewhat hard to achieve, but if you have the determination and drive it is not impossible. I would say I am living a healthy life since I don't have vices, I have beautiful family, no personal medical issues, and I am contented with what we have. But I believe this doesn't constitute all to have a healthy life. Or I would say being healthy is also relative. It depends on a person's perception.

With me, I consider having a healthy life as being balanced in all aspects in life; emotionally, financially, physically, and so forth. For everything to be balanced, one needs to accept the reality and willing to straighten up whatever inconsistencies and inadequacies in life then work it on one's advantage.

I told myself that if I want to live a healthy life I need to start by keeping myself healthy physically. There are times that I slack off in eating a balanced diet and my weight fluctuate but I am pretty sure my BMI is within the normal limits. Even though I said before that I may need help from diet pills and checking if these pills have the best creatine powders but if I will continue to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly then I will be good.

In my earlier post I said about joining the 5K run in summer. This is one of my short term personal goals for now. I still have other goals to complete and hope to achieve and by sharing it here in my post I will be held accountable and give me the pressure to achieve it in time. This goals also will be part of me to live a healthy life for myself and family.

Counting the Days

We are now counting the days for us to move to our own place. We are looking at two months from now but I know the days are rolling on by so quickly. We are also trying to plan for things we need to furnish the place. We already had few stuff since we bought stuff little by little so when we move we already have most of the ones we immediately need.

I am s excited because we will have a backyard that the kids can play. Hubby also planned of having a small shed to store lawn and garden tools. I am also looking at having a redmax leaf blowers. This will be very helpful since fall will be around the corner when we move in.

Thinking about slowly fulfilling our dreams is really amazing. I am always praying that everything will go through smoothly and that our plans will come to its fruition. We can't do it if we did not remain faithful to our great Provider, Christ Jesus. I know it will be a start of our life having our dreams fulfilled and we pray and hope to continue to be blessed and be a blessing to others as well.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Online Education

I am very glad that online education is present nowadays. It is very convenient and flexible for your time especially if you have kids and work outside home. When I was in the Philippines I went to college full time and on campus. I lived in a dormitory for girls and I only concentrate on my studies. I kind of wish online education is already present then so I can go out to work as well as take classes. When I got here in the US and my husband asked me if I want to enroll I told him I will work instead. Then he said I still can work and take classes online if I want to. So there I was introduced to online education. Right now I am taking medical transcription online. I was thinking of getting bsn online but I know when it comes to clinical I have to go to hospital or have a campus class. Maybe when the kids are already older then I will pursue the nursing degree. Finishing a bsn online will really give me the flexibility with respect to taking care of the kids and work. But I will see once the kids are bigger and I can find a good baby sitter.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cutting Up on Phone Bills

Okay, we are with our mobile phone provider for like forever and we are paying too much that I told my husband it is time for us to switch to something better. We need to save because we are now in the process of having our own place and I don't want us to pay too much of utilities when we can have a way of paying less. One thing I am also concerned is that there are still areas, especially if we are traveling, that we can't get good signal.

With this in mind, I am now trying to scout for cheaper mobile phone service but will give a good service. I even told him that we can just use our cellphones and cut off the home phone. There are services that we can get like home cellular booster that will amplify signal at home and use our mobile phones for all our transactions. My friends starting to cut up on their phone expenses as well. I am trying to talk my husband into it and I hope he will see the big picture of what I am trying to achieve.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day

Another year and another celebration for all the Moms in the world. This year will be my 4th year of being a Mom. I cannot emphasize enough how important this day to me and it's significance to my life. I delivered our first born on mother's day 4 years ago. It was the most happiest and bless-ful day of our life. Now I have two little girls and motherhood is still awesome. Love my girls and I am so grateful to God for giving me our two angels. Being their Mom is a privilege and I am doing my best to be the best mother to them.

I wish for this mother day I am beside my Mom. I so really wanted to tell her in person how much I appreciate her great love to us, her kids. I can now understand their way of nurturing and caring to us their children because I have my own kids too. If you are a mother you will do everything in your power to take care of them. I am now scouting online if I can send mothers day flowers delivered on sunday to my Mom overseas. I know she will love it since she likes flowers a lot.

I miss my Mom very much. The last time I saw her was in 2009 when we went home for a visit. Last year she suffered a fatal stroke that almost took her life, but for God be the glory, she can now walk with the aid of a cane. I just wish her now a very healthy life and more years so she can see all her grandkids. I love you Mama and Happy Mother's day to you!

Taking Supplements

When I was pregnant I had my appointment with the nutritionist because I need some sort of supplement in order to get healthy while in pregnancy. I was told to get more fiber and some minerals and also take the prenatal vitamin. I am really bad in taking medications. As much as possible I don't like to take medicine but since I needed to I was forced. Sometimes I forgot so I had my cellphone alarm clock set.

On the other note, I sometimes can't understand why some people become so dependent on prescription to the extent of doing something bad just to get what they want. This is sad since lives have been lost and families torn because of this.

But as I have said, if you need to take medications and there is nothing you can do not to take it, it should be prescribed by the doctor. If you are told to take some supplements to correct some medical condition then you need to but make sure not to overdose and end up yourself hook into it. I have a friend that in her middle age she thought of taking human growth hormone supplements. I asked her why and she said because it helps to boost her energy. I am not really familiar with this hormone supplement but if her physician allows her to take it and it is necessary, then she can go for it. She just have to make sure that what she is taking is really effective.

Advance Loans

One thing I learned here is to develop our personal credit history. Once you have it and your numbers are high, you will likely get a lot of offers from different financial institutions. It is also important when you look for a job since most employers will verify your credit history as well. I did not get a credit card until my third year of being here in the US.

I was told that many people here are buried in consumer debts. When the economy fell back some 2 years ago foreclosure and housing market really took a dip. And if not for small pay day loans like the check city payday advance loans, a lot can't get through with their finances. But still with this one should really make a careful decision of using. Yes it can help but also if you are not watchful it can bury you deep down with debt as well.

Me and my husband used advance loans before and good thing we know how to balance our finances that once we got the loan we can easily pay it off. It can really help during emergencies and unexpected bills and expenses.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May Flower

This month will be another busy month for us. Two in the family will be celebrating birthdays and then there's Mother's day this coming weekend. I am very excited for all the celebrations but I know it will be another exhausting day for me since I will be the one to plan and host it. On the 13th will be our oldest daughter's and on the 19th will be mine.

For my daughter's birthday we are planning of going to play and celebrate venue and for mine it will just be a small family and few friends affair. I am not sure what my husband is concocting for Mother's day. To add to these, we have lots of invitations as well for birthday parties. On the 8th my friend invited us for her daughter's birthday party and on the 21st I will be witnessing for a friend's daughter's baptism. Surely this will be a very busy month for me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Business Equipment

One thing that really is a very nice invention that helps in the business is a usb barcode scanner. This makes checking in and out process faster. Most of the paperwork or cards now are scan-able. There are different scanner also for different processing. It cuts time in entering codes manually in the registers or computers.

When I work in retail I used scanners when checking out customers, receiving shipments, and we can even check out number of inventories of merchandise in the whole store or even the other store sites. Sometimes it can be intimidating to use but you can easily learn from it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's day is approaching. It is that time again to honor the mothers and give them appreciation for all the things that they have done to their children and family as a whole. I am looking for some gift ideas to give to my Mom as well as the closest mothers that I know. I know flowers will always be present. Moms, like me, love to receive flowers all the time, with or without occasion.

If you are living in Kansas and in need of a quality service flower shop, you can check out Kansas City florists. My husband love to send me flowers. He always surprise me. He likes going online and order a nice bouquet. It is a great feeling to be loved and to feel special. He said he don't know yet what to give to me and I whatever he will give I do really appreciate it very much.

I Got Lost

Okay, this just happened this afternoon. Today was our preschooler's field trip to a farm. The meet up time at the said farm will be 1pm. We were given printed directions to be used and since I am the one driving I tried to at least familiarize the route. Usually I will ask hubby to drive me to a certain location before driving there by myself, but I totally forgot about it during the weekend.

So anyways, I drove this afternoon going to the place but I got lost. I already turned through the right road but I made a u-turn because I was thinking most of the farms are on the other side. Then I realized that I have to go right. I already drove far and when I turned around the rain was pouring so hard and it was kind of difficult to drive. I decided to just go home. Our daughter was crying because she can't go to the farm. I just told her that her Daddy will find the barn later.

When hubby came home we drove to the farm. It was kind of far and I was right all along on my first turn. If only I did not made a u-turn and followed the direction I would have been able to bring my daughter to her field trip. I really felt bad for her. Her excitement was cut short because I got lost.

Warm Weather Coming Up

We are now in spring but we still experience winter-like weather. Some parts of the country were battered with storms and tornadoes and even snowing in some part. Last Friday and Saturday we had a great weather but Sunday came and until today it has been raining off and on with few sunbreaks. I thought I can already bring out womens sandals but I guess I have to wait until summer is here. It's a bummer but what can we do, it's mother nature.

I am very much positive that we will see some warm weather coming up soon. We have a nice forecast for this weekend and hubby is already planning to fire up the grill. We also have some party invitation for this weekend. It will be a costume birthday party and I am pretty sure our soon-to-be 4-year-old will love to go. Just crossing my fingers for a true to the forecast weather this coming weekend.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Body Building

Before I was very ignorant on how those who are body building enthusiast get to have their muscles big. I thought exercise and always at the gym is enough. I learned that is not all, they have to take some supplements and some look for the best testosterone boosters just so they can get the best result. This is very amazing to me knowing how they work to build their muscles. I will not do it for myself but I know to those who are really into it it's a big deal. I have a friend that hope to become a body builder and he is now working his way to get the body he wanted. This boils down to what is your passion and what you do to achieve it. I will advise my friend to choose the best booster if ever he will opt for using it.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Cruise To Puerto Vallarta On A Magic Night

Thanks for the post from Nora Mccoy.

My fiance and I recently took a cruise to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When our ship docked at Puerto Vallarta, we chose an additional tour and embarked on the "Ritmos de la Noche" trip.

This was an incredible journey and we felt transported to another dimension of mysticism and spirituality.

For a romantic couple like us, this journey was the best choice. We got to indulge in fabulous food, served with candlelight in front of the ocean, and only the moon as a witness. My fiance and I agree that the full-lit torches, combined with the gentle ocean breeze and the sound of the waves at the beach, are remarkable. We had the opportunity to observe people dancing around the pyramid, a majestic monument, to a spectacle of music.

The trip took about five hours, but within the first one, we were navigating through the historical town of Vallarta. This was a charming and altogether unexpected sight. The nocturnal sounds of the jungle and the beauty of the night, made that moment a memorable one, and we were lucky enough to have it.

I would recommend going on this particular voyage to anyone, but mostly to couples who want to spend some romantic time together. My boyfriend and I will repeat this adventure in the near future; possibly on our honey moon. We will take another cruise as soon as we will share our new home, but until then we set our security alarm (ALARM SYSTEMS pricing) and go bowling.

Spring Time

As we all know that spring season started this past Sunday but weather-wise it still feels like winter. The forecast always say few showers during the course of the day and it's the wind that is blowing chilly to the bones. Today our weather is cold in the morning but the afternoon high will be 58 degrees. This is the best we can get as of yet. I know eventually we will get the pretty temperature that jackets and coats will not be needed anymore.

One thing though that I don't like during this spring season is the pollen. It gets too much and can give me some stuffy nose. I hope our two little girls will not be affected by it. I remember last spring DD1 got a little allergy but it was manageable. I am not sure about DD2 since this will be her first spring that she is a little grown and will enjoy the outdoors.

As to my preparation, I started my spring cleaning on Saturday. I started cleaning the kids bedroom. I upside down and downside up. Every nook and cranny was cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Thrown tiny toys, especially those that came from happy meals. We just accumulated tons of those that it needed to go. Good thing DD1 did not complain and she even helped in sorting out what to toss and what to keep. I repositioned some furniture to make room for their other toys and to have extra space to roam around. Now my big challenge is to finish cleaning the rest of the rooms as well as the kitchen. Although hubby said he will handle the bathroom and kitchen.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back to House Hunting

We are back on house hunting again. Although we are not yet doing the paperworks we just want to check out houses and compared prices and areas. We are now planning to hopefully have our own place once everything goes well. One area we went to was a newly established subdivision. The houses were currently built and some are still under construction. The developer representative that assisted us told us about upgrades. I asked about the kitchen, not just the appliances but also the sink. I like the Franke sinks that I saw online and asked them if I can have that kind of sink. They said they could probably do it but she has to verify the developer first. I am hoping that they would coz I really like the shape of the sink, as pictured below.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hit and Run

There are some people that are just rude on the road. My friend and her family was driving around town last month and somebody rear ended them. Good thing it was only minor accident and nothing happened to them. They're trying to pull over to the parking lot near the street were the accident happened. They thought the other vehicle that rear ended them will follow them to park and settle, but to their amazement they took off. She said they were so trusting that the other party will settle with them that they did not get the license plate of the other vehicle when it happened. They were thinking to get it once they pulled over but the other vehicle was nowhere to be found. It was a case of hit and run. I think the other party don't have insurance and got scared.

The same happened to a friend that lives in Arizona. Good thing for them was that the other party did not run away. They were able to get a good lawyer tucson to assist them with the legal issues and everything went well with them. Unfortunately for my friend here they paid the damage out of their own pocket. I can't imagine how some people don't have the heart and just took off even if they caused damage. They have no conscience at all.

Step Stool in the Kitchen

Ever since we moved here in our apartment more than 3 years ago I have been asking my husband to buy step stools. I need one for our kitchen and one that I can use in the bedroom. I am petite and reaching out to the top of the cupboards and closet shelves is a hassle for me. Right now I am using a not so sturdy stool but is kinda shorter so the uppermost shelves I still cannot reach. I keep reminding my husband whenever he go out to the store but he kept procrastinating. His reason is we have no place to store it. If we will just let it out in the open, our toddler and crawler will climb up on it. It's a safety hazard in our place. I can't wait to have a bigger place and have storage for everything so I can get the step stool that I really need in our house.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Visiting the Land Down Under

I think we will have an opportunity to visit the land down under or Australia in the near future. For one, my very close cousin works and lives there along with her family. Secondly, my brother-in-law is now in the south of Australia for a one year study. His wife, my youngest sister, will be going there to be with him most probably this coming April. She told me that if we have the chance this year we can go there and visit them. I am not really sure about it. The airfare is very expensive, but who knows maybe we can find a way.

I think before going there I have to make sure I will have that summer body already since Australia is known to have nice beaches. I need to check out ways on how to reduce belly fat in order to achieve that summer body though. That is my very concern. You know if you already have kids that part there is very stubborn to tone down. It's like it has a mind of its own that sometimes nobody can dictate when to reduce. Anyways, I am not really sweating too much about it. I will take my time and hopefully I will reach the reduced size at summer time.

I Miss Home

I called my family back in the Philippines and I learned that my brother and his family is now in our hometown visiting. I haven't seen them for years and I was only able to talk to them over the phone and on skype. My brother just came home early this month from overseas. He works as a seaman and he is now on his vacation. He told me that he may go back on board a vessel again after he took an exam this May. He will begin his review in March and he is hoping he can pass the exam to be promoted on his job.

I also talked to my Mom and I am very thankful for her recovery. She had stroke back in October and we nearly lost her. Thanks God she's very brave and she was able to pull through her condition. Although she still can't walk on her own but her speech came a long way as well as moving her arms. I have great faith that she may not be able to completely gain back her walking ability but at least she can do so using a walker. I wish to see them soon and by that time all of my siblings will be home just like the good ole days.
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