Monday, January 16, 2012

Driving in the Snow

We have a very bad weather forecast for the whole week. It is mostly rain and snow or combination of both in some days. It started snowing here on Saturday. Actually this is the first snow experience we had for this winter season. Last week my husband's truck had the engine light came on. He had it checked and diagnosed at the auto shop. He also said he needed to have his water and coolant pump checked because he don't want his old vehicle heat up and stall in the middle of a snow storm. He had it done on Friday.

Good thing my husband is good when it comes to fixing autos. He only spent around $5 for a wire that connects to the spark plug. As to the pump, everything works good. If he has to go to the shop and have it fix, I am pretty sure the labor cost is much higher than the parts. Now I am confident his truck will not stall when he is driving to work with a snowy weather.

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