Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Medical Malpractice Insurance

The high cost of healthcare here in the US is always a subject that almost all individuals are passionate to talk about. In political arena, politicians debate over this subject matter and seemed like nobody can give a better solution on how to solve the healthcare crisis. I have read an article that says one thing that makes the healthcare expensive is because doctors order tests that some of it are not even necessary. If a person don't have healthcare insurance and needs medical attention, the more that he or she will be drowned in debt if he/she will be asked or subjected to different testings to get a diagnosis.

I think, in my opinion, the medical liability of the medical professional is at stake thus, they wanted to make sure before giving their final diagnosis to order battery of tests for their patients. Although they have professional liability insurance but I am pretty sure nobody wants to use it. The high cost of medical malpractice insurance plus their license is what's at stake once medical lawsuit is filed against them. I am not well versed of the medical malpractice law but one thing I'm sure, no doctors would want to be sued.

For those medical professional that wanted to avail or compare medical malpractice insurance, you can check out and get insurance quote for medical malpractice see the different rates with different specialty. I do hope that congress can find a way also to lower the cost of this insurance and work together to fix the healthcare system.

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