Monday, January 30, 2012

Playing the Guitar

I know some basic chords in playing a guitar, but I wanted to practice more and play without looking at guitar chord. The last time hubby came back from his deployment, he brought a guitar home. He said he acquired it. One of his buddy don't want to do the hassle of bringing it back here in the US so he gave it to my husband. Hubby just wrapped it with bubble wrap because there was no case for it.

We have it here at home and I get to play it once in a while. Last Christmas I played some Christmas songs because our girls want to hear me play it. We bought new strings and have tuned up. Good thing there is the internet to search for guitar chords if I don't know what it is. If I have more time after my online studies is finished, I will try my best to practice playing the guitar and maybe look for guitar for kids so I can give one for our daughter.

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