Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Travel #4 [Northwest Trek Wildlife Park]

We haven't been traveling lately, so my entry for today's Tuesday Travel is our old captures from our visit to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. We've been there twice in the past with our DD1. Our DD2 haven't been there, so we may have to arrange another escapade there in the summer if Daddy's schedule permits.

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park is not your ordinary park. The experience is different from other parks that you can see. They are more focused on preserving the nature and the living organisms. You can see different animals in a natural habitat. Although some are in cage but just so the wild animals can't really harm the people or vice versa.

Above is a tram tour. There is a narrator that will explain the history and and how they maintain the park, how the animals are being taken cared of, what are the different species to be found, and many other information.

These are just few of the animals you can spot once the tram travels along the wildlife park.

Aside from the land animals, they also have birds, water animals present, fresh and salt water alike. The kids will surely love it. This wildlife park is very educational in many ways. A great place to commune with nature and educate our kids.

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anne said...

one way to educate kids about animals and habitat. That's a very wonderful park. Mine is here, I hope you can visit me too. Thanks!


bev said...

love the second pic! nice park...was here for TT...here is my entry http://www.momtravelnook.info/tuesday-travels-putrajaya-malaysia/

wifetoalineman02 said...

beautiful park and beautiful views Mommy Bless, thank you for sharing your adventures with us :-)Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.


sir rob said...

The outdoor adventure is always a good thing to visit and I love going out trekking.

Visiting for TT.

Travelholic said...

Nindot gani diha Bless! Kato pung sa Oregon nga nakita naku sa Docu show kay mga Bears pud didto ang makita. Yay! Scary thing pero exciting pud! Lol.

Kami man pud baya, puyo sa sa biyahe kay tugnaw unya school na. Plus buntit pa ko, so cancelled among plan roadtrips after unta sa Spring Semester. Sige lang, give way lang sa pregnancy. Mga old snaps ra pud akong share karon. :)

Salamat pag-apil Bless!

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