Monday, January 30, 2012

Tuesday Travel #5 [San Francisco, CA]

I have been to San Francisco, California once when we passed by there going to Hawaii. We took a Space-A flight [military flight] at Travis Air Force Base. While in that area, we decided to drive to San Francisco and made use of the whole day that we have to wait for our flight to Aloha state. I know there are lots of places to see in the city, but we don't have enough time. We plan of going back there when God permits. Below were the only places that we went to.

We walked along the Embarcadero street and checked out different shops that we passed by. We had the experience of walking through the Port of San Francisco, which is very famous and have seen it in many movies. I had a picture under the Fisherman's Wharf sign but can't find it in my files.

We had our lunch at Bubba Gump restaurant. Our table was situated in the window area and we can see the Alcatraz across.

When dusk came, we drove to one of the landmarks of California, the Golden Gate Bridge. It was windy and we don't have warm clothes, thus we didn't stay there long. After few pictures taken and gasping the cool San Francisco air, we proceeded back to Travis and patiently waiting for the flight to Hawaii.

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Dhemz said...

I miss going to San Francisco...we live 3 hours away from the city...ehehe!

mau pamo mamiBless kay pede mo sa space-A..ako d pede kay reservist man si hubby...hehhee..we can't wait when he turns 60 para pede na magsakay sakay bisan!

Bless said...

@Dhemz - Didto diay naassign imo hubby before sa SF?

Lagi maayo jud kay naay Space-A, as in libre kaayo. Every time we go to Hawaii, basta dili lang mi gadali, magspace-A. Kana pay bayaran ug airfare :-)

KM said...

never been to Cali. hope to visit one day, and get my picture taken by the Golden Gate Bridge as well ;)

visiting you back for TT. hope to see you more around :)

emzkie said...

nice photos sis Bless! murag dili dyud ko ka adto dira sa SF. dili ganahan ang akong bana kay daghan daw bayot. lol. maybe pag single na ko.. muadto ko dira. hehehe

visiting from TT

anne said...

wow i oculd see the famous bridge visiting you from tuesday travel hope you can return the visit thanks
Points of View of Travels and Places

purethoughts said...

i wish i could also set foot on those places! thanks for the visit Bless!

Lalaine said...

Even if it was a short trip, but at least nakita nimo mga famous landmarks..:)

Nita said...

Beautiful photos. I missed the "Golden Gate Bridge" at California na rin. Last time namin nagpunta doon 2009 pa yata.

By the way, mine is up as well. Hope to see you there.

Have a great day!

Dhemz said...

Sa Sacramento me nagpuyo sa una mamiBless...pero ga duty sya sa Travis or Beale...puli puli lang....:)

lagi ba...nice kau kay lupad lupad lang way plete...ehehehe!

wifetoalineman02 said...

very beautiful pictures of the family Mommy Bless :-) I have been only at the airport :-) Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

sir rob said...

The San Fran bridge is always amazing. Late comment for my late submission in TT.

Travelholic said...

Maypa ka Bless, nakatamak na sa SF! Pero duol ra man mo diha so pwede ra balik-balikon! Lol. Me? I still look forward for a SF visit! Someday!

Visiting for last week's TT. Linky for this week is up and open na. Hope you can join in again! :)

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