Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Under Height

I am not blessed with a towering height but my being petite and cute is why my hubby is attracted to me, or so it seems [smile]. Anyways, one of my possession that I can't live without when I am doing house chores is the two step stool that hubby bought me. Yes, since I lack the height and we have a standard height cabinetry in the house, this step stool is a must. I prefer using it than climbing on the counter without it. I don't want any accidents, and I don't want the kids to copy me.

Before, I used one of our bar stool but it is very awkward to drag the bar stool everywhere in the house. With the step stool, it is light weight, I can fold it with ease and store it inside the jacket closet. I am so glad hubby bought me one. It makes it easier for me to reach higher areas in the house.

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