Monday, January 16, 2012

Video Download

I am so thankful that you can now do youtube video download fast and easy. I have lots of good short video for DIY projects that I wanted to download and access in my PC conveniently. As you all know, when I started searching for a how-to video on youtube and found lots of results I got hooked into it. Not only it is entertaining but very informational and educational as well.

Among other things that I love to watch on youtube, is cooking video of recipes that I wanted to try cooking as well. I also found a good video of doing crafts. As a matter of fact this past December I watched on youtube a video on how to make Christmas decors. If I have enough time this coming Christmas I am going to watch another video so I will do all my Christmas decors. Decors are really expensive and if you make your own you can save more. This will be my new goal, to save on decors since there are lots of resources to watch if you need step-by-step tutorial.

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