Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What I Like About the Parks

You know, if you come from a third world country you can understand where I'm coming from with this comparison. I grew up in a small rural community and I did not experience playing in a park with amenities in different colors and types. When I got here in the US I was so amazed to see big parks and almost everything are in. It is free and kids and adults can enjoy.

Our house is just a stone throw away from an athletic center here in our area. I can just walk going there in a given nice weather. Since it is the region's athletic center, there are playing fields around it for baseball, soccer, basketball, track and field, bike area, walking pathways, and many others. I like it that near the playing fields there are portable bleachers and aluminum bleachers that watchers can sit in comfortable to watch every game.

The park I am talking also has park sheds where people can rent out for any occasions. I have friends celebrated birthdays for their kids over there. The kids have a big place to run around as well as enjoy using the park amenities. I know in some parks not only kids can enjoy, even four-legged friends as well. They have their own area too. Good thing is that there are dog exercise equipment and pet wet stations that pets can use for them to enjoy.

If only we have nice weather everyday that would not entail me to do too much preparation, I will bring the kids to the park everyday. They love playing at the park. It is also good for them to have the physical exercise that the park offers. It can build their stability and decision making process. If you have kids, you can really appreciate what a park can give to your kids.

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