Sunday, February 19, 2012

Organize in Clipix Way

I have lots of things that I put in my wish list and usually I bookmark. I know I can organize all the bookmarked sites that I have but I am just so lazy to do it now that it is already long. Good thing clipix came. Now I can already organize everything without a hassle. Among the stuff I have in my wish list are the places that I love our family to visit one day. I and my husband love to travel, and we have long list of places we want to bring our kids to. I can now organize the sites of the places at my clipix clipboard. I have a picture of one of my clipboard below:

Clipix is very easy to navigate. In order for you to clip what interests you online, just drag the clip button to your bookmarks bar and every time you find something you like, click it and a clip window will appear on the side. You just follow the instruction and will see it in your clipboard. A demo video below can walk you through and give you more information about clipix.

You can also add an iPhone App to bring your clipboard wherever you go. You can create as many clipboards as possible, label it to whatever you like, and arrange it how you like it to be. It is very fun and addicting I should say. Try it now and connect to other clippers around the world.

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