Friday, February 10, 2012

Safety Precaution

Nowadays we need to be more cautious because we don't know what could happen. Anywhere you go there is a threat of danger to yourself and to the kids. Recently I heard on the news about a 7-year-old girl was attempted to be abducted by a person inside a Walmart store. Good thing the girl had the presence of mind and shouted and kicked the attacker hard that prompted the attacker to let her go. I praised that little girl for being so smart and did the right thing. This is what we should tell our kids to do if in the event strangers come up to them.

Another safety precaution I always practice is driving safely and be a defensive driver. I don't drive over the speed limit if ever I go ever it is only a mile over but not more. If I am on the right lane to where I should exit, I will not change lane anymore so I will avoid speeding and passing. We can't really tell how accidents happen. You are very cautious but still there are other drivers that don't care and some even drive even if they are under the influence.

If you have a loved one and they love to drive motorcycle, one nice gift I can think of to make them safe while on the road is giving them them helmet. I've seen helmets, hard hats to be on sale online and it will surely be a nice and thoughtful gift for the love of your life. Helmet is very important if you are driving a motorcycle or bicycle. This summer I am planning of getting a bicycle and of course I also need a helmet with it. Our little girl already have her bicycle gear and I can't wait to ride the back around the neighborhood with our safety gears of course.

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