Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Chika Sunday

I know it's Super Bowl Sunday but didn't have a chance to watch the most awaited game of the year. After church, a friend invited us for lunch. The food was great and we just had a great time chatting, singing, and eating. A good friend who knows how to braid hair, braided the little girls hair while we were chatting.

After lunch we had snacks and we were still chatting until dinner time came. We had dinner at their place and if it is not for the kids school tomorrow, we may be still be in their place until now. I joked at them that we had a super chika instead of watching the super bowl. I think if we just had so much catching up that is why we talked nonstop. The host, our friend, will be going for deployment for many months so we just wanna spend the time with her before she leave.

Until now my tummy is still full with the food that we ate. I fell like going to sleep for fullness. I don't wanna lay down yet since I have so many things to do and have to do some school work too. The kids will be going to bed in a few then I will have the time to myself and finish all the tasks I have online. All I can say, I had a great Sunday and also Congratulations to NY Giants for bagging the Super Bowl XLVI Lombardi trophy!

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