Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday Fun Day

Yesterday was a very busy day spent outside. In the morning our DD1 had school. After school a friend of mine asked if we want to join them to go skating and bowling on post. I wasn't really sure but then our DD1 was so eager to go. She haven't tried skating yet so we went. It was fun. I did not try skating because I have to hold my newbie skater and I don't know how too. So to prevent injury, I better just use my shoes and help DD1. The skating rink closes at 3:30pm and seemed like everyone still had the energy, we transferred to the bowling arena. The kids were the one hyper to play. We let them play and we were just busy munching away on the side.

Hubby dropped by at the bowling arena after his work. We convoyed going home, but before we went home he said we can dine out and went to a Thai restaurant. He was on Daniel's fast but yesterday I told him he can at least get something since he was really doing great on this fasting. He got noodles with white meat, and more veggies.

My life's treasure [hubby and kids] while waiting our food. They were playing "thumb wrestling." The little one was so playful and telling her Daddy to play some more.

It's a good thing our little girls love to eat vegetables and they can basically feed themselves, although our DD2 still needs supervision since she sometimes feed herself with big bite of food. We had a great day yesterday and I thank God for it!


Guest post from: Jerald Hammond.

I have to admit that I have never been an informed voter. I always vote for the same political party candidate, but I have always done it because of the party he or she is in instead of their stance on political issues. For the next presidential election, I decided that I would like to be an informed voter. We recently got expertsatellite so I should be able to watch all of the debates I want to. I have found that as I get older, I am more passionate about certain issues. I find a lot of the issues boring, but am realizing more and more how they affect my life. For example, I have never paid much attention to the national budget or any financial issues. However, for the first time in my life I feel like the state of the nation’s financial state has really put a strain on our family. I really want things to change positively for our nation and I hope that my vote will contribute somewhat to a positive change.

Closing in the Distance

Nowadays the possibility of having a business and expanding it to anywhere in the world is very high. If you have the capital and resources nothing is impossible. Meeting with business partners is very easy by using conferencing service. You can't say it is hard to do meetings because technology is very advanced. You cannot only hear your partners talk but also see them in real time.

A simple example of how simple to talk to other people wherever they are in the globe is through the facetime feature of a cellphone, especially the iPhone. Actually I was so ecstatic doing it with my cousin who lives in Australia. With businesses, I know they can have a conference room from any office in the world and still they can talk business. All I can say on this is, technology is really amazing and it does makes the distance closer than ever.

366 Blog Photo Challenge #66 [Mini Park]

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #66 [Mini Park]

On Sunday after church I went to our neighbor's house [Filipinos] bringing some clothes to be altered by Mamang. I brought DD1 with me so she can play with the kids too. DD2 was asleep so we left her with Daddy to watch her. On our way back DD1 asked if she can play for a few minutes in the mini park near our house. This mini park is one house away from ours. If we don't have neighbor, this mini park can be considered to be in our yard, that's how close it is :-) Anywho, DD1 had a blast sliding and climbing. There's nobody else playing with her so I was forced to join in the fun. I slide and helped her on the monkey bar. We were thinking of getting them a slide and swing set for our backyard but because of this mini park so close to us, we decided not to. It saved us money in a way :-)


When I was still working in one of the biggest electronics store here in the US, customers will asked about tablets and other eReader. I only knew then of the popular ones and then one customer asked my co-associate about archos tablet. I was wondering if there is such a thing. True enough there is. I was told that it is actually a nice tablet too. If I did not work there for Christmas help then I wouldn't know about the different tablets available in the market. I only have knowledge to those that I always here and see on commercial as well as those with hyped marketing. I read reviews about this tablet and many said it is comparable to the popular ones. It also has a lot of applications and with huge memory too.

Graduation Month

March is a graduation month in the Philippines from all school levels. I am very excited to know that my niece graduated valedictorian in elementary. She went to an International School in Cagayan de Oro City in Philippines. I am very happy for her and proud to have a niece who is not only smart but also very kind and obedient kid. I am not sure how many trophies and awards she received, but I am pretty sure she has, as it is a way of recognizing graduates in the Philippines. One thing that saddened me is that her Dad, my brother, was not there on her graduation. He works overseas, and right now he is in another country. He cannot go home to celebrate the success of her daughter. I am pretty sure though that he is very happy and proud also of her one and only daughter for doing great in school.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

366 Blog Photo Challenge #63 [Nice Weather]

366 Blog Photo Challenge Entry #63 [Nice Weather]

On Friday we were blessed with nice weather. Even if it was a little windy, the sun was very bright. The kids were able to play at the park in our community. Our DD2 enjoyed the slides and it did not bother her the wind chill as long as she can play and slide. She was still wrapped up because she just recovered from having fever due to cough and colds. Hope to get more nicer weather without chilly winds soon.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Anti-Magnetic Tissot Replica Watches

Tissot is the world’s initial group produced stylish watch and the first automatic watch which showed the two different time zones. The Tissot launched the primary anti-magnetic wristwatch. Their very modern technology has been the remarkable T-Touch chain. These current watches have the touch activate faces. The touch responsive cerulean glasses of this category watches allow the client rapidly and without difficulty access the variety of information.

This newest watch has the beautiful and elegant design, and many other attractive styles and appears have made them admiration all over in the worldwide market. This watch has the unique quality and the superior technique so that the price value is very high. Normally high society people can wear this kind of watch. In the present time the normal class people also have the desire to wear the luxury and stylish watches. So according to the requirement of the middle class persons the Tissot Replica Watches launched in the market. These watches are very reasonable in the price and every one can afford this watch.

Tissot replica watches currently have the existence in more than one hundred fifty nations in the whole world. The Tissot replica watches have completes the name for them because these watches have the new technology such as the avant-garde fabric, and nouveau technique. Tissot replica watches was the initial watch which offer two different time zones in the watch, a characteristic frequently taken for arranged at the present, and they were the initial to make watches finished of the non-metallic substances comprising with plastic, stun, pearl, and timber. The material used to manufacture this replica watch is very similar to the original watch.

If you want to wear this luxury class watch in the party and official meetings then you can wear this watch in any type of cloths. This watch can fit any type of dress which enhances your personality among the crowd.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Looking for a Job?

Although the report about jobs now is improving, but I still know some friends that are not lucky to have landed a job. I tried applying too but still did not get lucky. Although I did not put in my 100% effort since I am in school as of now. We were at the mall earlier and I overheard somebody talking behind me while waiting to checkout from a store saying, she is looking for Starbucks job because she wanted to belong in such a well-known company.

Honestly, I love to work there too so I can always smell their different beverages, but I think I still need to learn to become a barrista. I have a good friend that works in a coffee shop before and she said she had fun working and mixing people's drink. It is very fulfilling especially if the customer complimented her of her work. If you are looking for a job, check the link on starbucks job and see if they have an opportunity fit for you.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Shopping with Coupons

Since I learned how to use coupons while shopping, it is now very hard to pay items at its full price. I know there are lots of Moms who are into couponing can relate to what I am saying here. Before I shop without coupons and so slacking in looking for ways to save money with our groceries or even with electronics and clothing items. But now that I know where to look for this coupons, I don't go to store without bringing me a coupon or a discount codes of some sort.

One good find that I stumbled upon when it comes to getting great coupons for electronics, gadgets, and other toys is the They have coupons for almost all the gadgets you like to get. Just go to their site and search for Coupon Code of a specific store or brand and they will direct you for it. It is very helpful to all of us who are trying to save, most especially for me that is a stay at home Mom. This is the my way of contributing to our family's saving technique. I am the one who handles the shopping for almost everything in the household. My husband entrusted me to utilize what I can find online for promotions and discounts to use if we buy big ticketed items.

Now, I have a plan of getting me a new digital camera. My digicam is an old canon with 7.2 megapixel. This needed to be replaced and get me a decent one with higher megapixel. Good thing couponcodes4u have a best buy coupon code going on right now for cameras and camcorders. This is very timely for me. When we can get our tax refund this week, I can use it to buy a useful digicam and of course I will surely use the coupon code that will give me up to 50% off. How awesome is that? This is my way of shopping, and I would say it is a smart way! So if you want to get discounts and promotions while you shop, pass by and start saving.

366 Blog Photo Challenge #57 [Pandesal]

Entry #57 of 366 Blog Photo Challenge [Pandessal]

A dear friend called me early today and said she will pass by and bring me some of her home-made pandesal. Yes! that was what I said. She brought me some around 10am and it was so timely that the weather is cold and I need me a cup of hot milo. Me and the kids feast on it and were gone quick. Our two girls loved it :-) The pandesal is so tasty and full. I am going to ask her to teach me how to bake it.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Emergence of Youth Soccer Players in the USA

Over the past century, there has been a significant growth in participation levels in soccer from youth sides up to growing participation of men and women also. This has seen the emergence of a great deal of youth players making their way into the national league, the MLS. Scouts from England, Spain, France and other European countries have multiplied in America over the past ten years due to the attractiveness of the American youth set-up, producing highly-skilled players. Due to the size and population of the USA in comparison to its professional soccer leagues at the highest level, there is a high level of competition for the top sides, resulting in an excess supply of high-quality players. Therefore, a substantial number of young American footballers have been given aspirations to join leagues elsewhere if scouted by European clubs.

Inspirational figures such as Landon Donovan, Stuart Holden and Clint Dempsey have increased the scope of ambition for young American soccer players. Hopeful, ambitious young players have seen players such as these grow through the American youth system and then excel in the English Premier League. Results such as this do huge favours for participation in soccer in the USA. Seeing players that grew up in their state succeed at the highest level in foreign countries increases the ambitions of these young players and enhances the reputation of the youth system in the USA.

Examples of such players that have been scouted by foreign clubs include the Florida-born Nick May, who has recently been signed by Estudiantes, one of the most successful teams in the history of Argentinean soccer. May has also generated interest from some major clubs in the UK such as Queens Park Rangers. May’s success is testimony to the American youth system which has come a long way from being a new sport in America; which was originally seen to be out of touch with their society and seen as an alternative to football, baseball or basketball. A great deal of the success can be attributed to the growing accessibility of the sport, especially through kit discounts available when using the likes Eurosport coupon codes to save money and open up the game to our countries young people.

The US Soccer National League has been said to be a large part of the reason for the success of this system. It has encourages younger generations to get involved in soccer more easily and now with real targets of success. Before, in the USA before the formation of any real official leagues with strong competition there was less of an incentive to get involved in soccer in America. However, due to the success stories of some, and perhaps the society expanse in interest from just basketball and American football to open up to include soccer as well, American soccer has enjoyed a huge boost in young players participating in the sport. The recent 1-0 victory over Italy in an international friendly was testimony to the success of the youth system in the USA, flourishing into competitive players on an international scale.

Spring is Almost Here

We have a very nice weather right now. It is still winter but our temperature is about 60 F. The kids surely love the outside as it is really best to play outdoor in this nice weather. We are in our friend's place right now for lunch and of course we had our fave dried fish, as always.

I know we still have few days more to spring time, but I wish we will have more sunny days. Right now the kids are riding their bikes outside and they are loving it. According to forecast, we will have rainy days and snow/rain again in the coming days. As expected, this is Washington weather. But I am still glad at least we have a nice day today for the kids to play. They surely will enjoy the coming days of fun outside now that a small park is just around the corner.

This spring DD1 will be busy with some additional activities. We are planning on enrolling her to ballet classes and also thinking of starting her swimming lesson. It is a good sport and activity to develop for physical exercise. My friend here asked me if I will enroll her to soccer, but I am not really sure about it. If she will like it, maybe that is another option to think about as well. For now, I will just let her enjoy her being a child and it is up to her what she wants when she is ready to participate for such activities this spring.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

366 Blog Photo Challenge #53 [Target Freebies]

I forgot when did I signed up for this Target sample bag. I believe it was early January, and last month I received the free purse with samples of beauty products inside. I love freebies and it is very exciting to open your mail box with something like this inside. I still have some freebies that I signed up online and in facebook that I am still waiting to arrive. But be careful though in signing up. There are lots of scams too that may compromise your information.

Below are the mini samples that came inside the cute purse.

Be Active Now or Else

I don't think there is a diet pill that has no side effects. I believe even those natural or organic diet pills still have some sort of side effects. Even other drugs that used to treat certain diseases, there is a side effects that goes along it. I am wondering, since I started to make my school program right now online, this makes me sit in front of the computer most of the time. I think I spend half of my time in a day in the computer rather than being active outside. With this, I gained weight. Yeah, you heard it right, I gained 5 more pounds and if I will continue my daily routine not exercising I am pretty sure I will gain some more. Now I am so tempted to try irvingiappress to suppress my appetite, but I think I am not a worst case yet. I believe if I will start to be active now and back on track with exercise few minutes a day I can stop gaining weight. I also need to start doing what I always preach, portion control. Sometimes it is just so hard to control though. I know 5 pounds is a small gain, but those are the stubborn pounds that is so hard to eliminate.

Music Lesson

I am thinking of enrolling our oldest daughter for a piano classes. Her Daddy bought her a small pink keyboard and she likes it a lot. She said she want to learn how to play the piano when she grow up. I think it will be best to enroll her when she turns 5 or 6. By that time, she can already focus and listen to the teacher's instruction. One time we went to a second store and saw a baby piano on sale. According to the clerk there, it is still working fine although a piano hinge needs to be replaced. Our daughter was so persistent if we can get it, but I told her she has to enroll first and learn to play and then later on we can decide to get a piano.

Even myself love to learn how to play, but I am only until do-re-mi and do-a-deer on the keyboards. I started piano lesson before with my very good friend as my teacher. She finished a degree in music and teaches piano in our area. I learn the basics but since it was a long time ago, I already forgot. Music is fun and I can't wait for the time our daughters can learn playing one musical instrument in the future.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

366 Blog Photo Challenge #51 [Sesame Street]

Old time kids favorite, the Sesame Street. This picture was taken in 2010 when Sesame Street had a show on post for free for the benefit of the soldiers' kids. It was fun for the kids and parents too. Our DD1 was so excited because they were able to go near the stage and shake hands with Elmo and the rest of the cast.
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